My goal is a song every ten days D-Bm

Hi Sorry about the frequency of songs, but I know some day they will stop so… So many times I write songs about first meeting/impressions with youngens. Anyway same sap as always. I did this one all with my PRS. Any thoughts appreciated. We need more people here.

I have to replace my hard drive today so I might not be around…you will be crushed I know

just a note I have to replace my laptop hard drive, so I might not be around…I know you will be crushed

She dancin round the fire she’s lookin over here D Bm

I moved a little closer and chugged another beer D Bm G A

I think I have my courage up…now what should I say

I don’t wanna scare here away

I think I fell I love from the first time I saw you G CG D G C D D

not so much yur looks, but your silly cool ways

I think I fell in love you’re smile is so killer G CG D

I think I fell in love and I know that it’s crazy as can be G C F G…D

could be my lucky day

I think she looked at me again my boots feel like they’re glued

Tryin to think of pick up lines but I don’t have a clue

I see other guys are lookin…smilin at the view

I’m hopin I’ll be goin home with you

The fire’s burn low getting harder to see

It’s hard to believe she’s settin next to me

Very innocent sounding stuff, Paul. :innocent:

There’s some spots that are very loose but I get the vibe that you’re aiming at here. It’ll be interesting to hear what you come up with next.

I like the idea of writing and recording a song in a given window of time. 10 songs in 10 days would be a helluva challenge, eh?!

Hey Paul, this has that very sweet romantic 60’s vibe, a la Tommy Roe, like in some of your previous songs. Now that I’ve heard your harder edge, a la Creepy Clown, I tend to like that better. But this “cotton candy” genre seems to be one of your mainstays. I find the two distinct sides of your personality quite interesting. :wink:

I do like the idea of creating songs on a schedule or timeline. I hate deadlines, but have thought for a long time that it might help discipline me to write and record stuff.

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hey W I am really tired of the sap, but somehow I get drawn into it again. I have started a rocker but not happy with the guitar tones I am using. (Boss processor) It’s getting cold around here and I winterized my crane, bulldozer, dump truck, scout, lawnmowers, chainsaws, weed shackers…ha ha So I will have time to write and produce songs. Still lookin to collab with forum members…take care

Hi The MAN Yup, I hear tommy roe now too. How could one not be influenced by your high school days. I post songs on taxi and some remember me for years gone by. they don’t really like folks there that haven’t “paid” tho. I get just a few responses. kind of a litmus double check. One guy said "not a bad song if you like Barney the dinasor. yes I know that is spelt wrong. I have a rock riff started and will post it up for suggestions. Still think there has to be more collab/fun stuff here…even if it turns out crap…answering on an old win 7 puter…speaking of dine a soars

I’m still using a Win 7 too, don’t like that newfangled crap. Dinasor, Dinah Shore, what ever you want to call it … old don’t mean bad. Barney started all this “woke” nonsense though, I’m glad he’s extinct now, and the rest of it can join him. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Good stuff, Paul - different! - I love the BRIDGE (teehee)… This song actually feels complete too (apart from the rushed outro).

Great goal too - It’ll keep you busy. I wrote 5 of the 10 songs from my new album in 5 days as part of a similar personal challenge I set myself on a vacation.

Notwithstanding the looseness mentioned above, this feels like progress.

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Yeah, the bridge. I needed 15 seconds and as I stared at the screen I thought…you are lousy at lead guitar…just start making noises…everyone will know what happened there…ha ha (tee hee)

A second thought as I was making it was …a girl dancing round the fire…chugged another beer…sounds kinda country, so I could twang it up a bit and hit it in another direction and call it “could be my lucky day”…ain’t got no real hankerin for country tho

Thank you for the review! Now your song: it has your usual very good audio quality. Nice guitar playing per usual. I like the upbeat vibe and lyrics. Nice vocals and all of the melodies. Very nice song! :slight_smile: