My first mix of RileyHawke-Wasteland - MixBy Kevin White (Jetwolf)

My first mix of RileyHawke-Wasteland - MixBy Kevin White (Jetwolf)
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Here is my initial mix of Riley Hawke - Wasteland. I am considering adding some supporting parts later. Just trying to get feedback on the basic mix and sounds first and to see how it sounds on the site, since this is my first upload… Bash away…


Aren’t you forgetting something? Haha.


Thanks; whoever fixed it!


You’re welcome - make sure you leave a lines’ space between the mp3 embed code and anything you write after it, that will stop that from happening.


Hey, I’m writing as I’m listening.
First thought was from a heavy pumping effect on the 2buss drived by vocals. Backing vocals are pretty loud regarding other tracks.
During the second chorus, the drums are pretty shy specially because your comp is working very hard with vocals.
I think being very gentle with levels and compressors could fix this thing.

Nice work on EQ and reverb/delays, good job indeed!


Wow good job! Great guitar sound on the intro. very relaxing.

Im hearing some excess low end on the vocal track. especially when the voicings come together. the low end of the vocals are building up. My guess is its coming both from the eq and being enhance by the compression. Maybe try taming the low end first by eq. I think the compressor wont work as much harder after that and give you a more natural response.
The guitar solo could also use some more reverb as to make it sound a bit farther and some delays for ambience. just my 2 cents and i hope this helps. thanks for letting us listen to your track cheers!


Just giving it a listen on my laptop. Mixwise, I hear a pretty good balance of instruments and vocals. Nothing seems to be too muddy or out of whack EQ-wise. My only concern so far is the compression. I hear it working especially hard on the vocals in particular. I have a hunch that its across the whole mix, mostly because it feels like a lot of the emotion was taken out of the song to me. This song has a fantastic feel in terms of dynamics, so I think it’s going to be especially challenging to find a good balance in controlling those dynamics to make it radio-ready. I think you’re off to a great start so far though! Just need to tweak it a bit. Keep up the good work!! :+1: