My First Effort - Long Overdue - Not sure where I am going with this!


well first off I feel like it needs a bit of an intro. Once I got over the fact that we were in the middle of something I think it sounds good. A little elevator musicy for my taste but that really depends on what you do with it. Thanks for sharing.

Hi Glen,
there’s a nice ambient feel to this, the hint of songs that I might know but can’t quite pin.
A gentleness to the flow which is nice. A tidier intro and outro would be good… not sure where you are wanting to take it to??
Atmospheric and it could work well in a variety of applications…

Typing as I listen and have not read any other comments yet.
Kinda jumps straight in there. Nothing wrong with that, it just doesn’t seem like the kind of song where all instruments are there from the outset. Sounds like we come in half way through a section too.
Good sounds and balance overall. I like the lower guitar and how it works alongside the higher one.
Personally, I’d suggest stripping away and adding various parts a little more to make the song breathe a little. There’s a lot going on and while it’s not hard to follow at all, it doesn’t seem to let up. There’s not a lot that comes in so we go “oh, that’s new”. Perhaps at he build up where you’ve ended it, you drip everything but one or two instruments away and create some space, then build back up again. Just an idea.
Make sure you pot the finished product. I’d love to hear the whole thing.

Hey Glen - good to hear some music from you! This is a breezy little piece that kind of reminds me of the theme music to a late 60s/early 70s movie soundtrack - along the lines of “Windmills of Your Mind” ( the musical style and instrumentation, not the melody)…

One thing I’d suggest is perhaps to pan those two lead guitar parts to different places (perhaps not so hard panned) in the stereo spectrum. At present, listening on cans, my left ear gets drawn to that in a slightly distracting way.

Cool to hear your work - Keep at it!

Hi Emma , Thanks for listening. I think I know where I am going with this now. Appreciate You feedback. Glen

Hi It says here it has been 9 months since your last sighting. Perfect gestation period for spawning a new tune. I usually can imagine a movie or something visual when listening, but i have failed this morning. There are something slighting piercing in my right ear. Might be the guitar and high notes.
Good suggestions to you so far. good luck and visit more often:)

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One of us had our headphones on backwards! :grin:

Ya know, i never looked. par

Yes, you are right, I really need to explore the fade out function more on Logic. It is kind of busy I will pull back on some of the clutter. Thanks so much for your feedback. I think I know where I am going with this now!

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Yes, it is elevator worthy. Must be my age, getting close to retirement and I like things more calm and consistent. Will send along when I have more data. Thanks so much for your comments!

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Yes, I like it. Breezy that’s the word. I was inspired from the days of walking the river bank when I was young, drugging up the sand and skipping rocks! I will check the reference you suggested. Cool I don’t have a certified ear, but I will tone back on the aggressive panning.

Thanks so much for your support!

Thanks Paul,

I will adjust the panning. This submission was long time coming. Glad I finally pressed return!