My first collab....great rewarding experience

My first collab....great rewarding experience

I had this tune up a few weeks ago. I was hoping someone would come forth and sing the female part. They didn’t. ha ha I went searching and found a highly talented person. I promised her I would not post it and that it would be only used on my album etc. I thought it turned out pretty cool however , so I contacted her and she said sure. I don’t have the talents (as you my friends know) to mix it properly. I just wanted to say in closing that it made this old man very happy having this experience. Thank you XXXXXXXX


Nicely done.

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Hey, this is sweet, Paul. Great song. I like your mix too!

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It just keeps getting better every time you post it! Nice job all around!


Aww this is lovely, so nicely done you two! And the voices sit sweetly together… great stuff!!!


Haha! I thought I recognized that voice! :grin:


Very nice work! :+1:

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Very cool Mr. F you have a bunch of different parts that fit together well. The mix sounds fine to me.

Oh yeah, I think you should adopt that girl into your family she’s good!.


Well, this may be my favorite version of my favorite @feaker song!

I once was honored to have Julie Payne at Garageband back in the day sing harmony with a song I wrote called Touch the Stone. She also had an angelic coffeehouse voice kind of like this woman’s that so elevated my own that I felt almost unworthy. It went straight to the top of the charts and we both became famous and rich. Alas, the last sentence is pure hyperbole, but I felt that way inside, as I’m sure you do.

If I had any money, I’d probably pay people on every song I could to collaborate, and since I do not, I am forever thankful for and indebted to everyone who has contributed to any song I have done.

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Ha Steban I have nearly two hundred songs now. They all feel special in the moment and then soon fade away. Hopefully starting a new collab with a friend here. Makes it all very interesting. Thanks for the positive take on this