My first album now on SoundCloud

My first album now on SoundCloud
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Hey everyone!

I just published my first album on SoundCloud and would be honored if you listened to it. And very glad if you share and follow of course!

It’s a progressive/psychedelic rock project. Here it is:

Hope you like it! Working on the next album right now.



I found your album on Spotify. I’ll be giving it a listen in my vehicle while I’m running around.


Congrats on the album @ProudMusicStudios!! I’m checking it out now! Please keep us updated on how things progress with this being on spotify, etc.


Hello! It is also on major streaming services. Including Spotify:

Thanks for your interest!



I’d expect there’s a respectable-sized audience for this music. I like the way you mix darkness and commercial viability together. It’s palatable listening.

Congrats on the release!


Thank you @Wicked!

I know there’s an audience out there. Just a bit hard to find it :slight_smile:

I’m doing some experiments with facebook ads, targeting the people I think would like this. If you have any recommendations I’m open for suggestions!

Thanks again!



Sounding cool - enjoyed this! And I liked the storyline that goes with the songs, a cool concept…


Facebook ads seem to be the best way to go, according to the music marketers that I’ve followed. I purchased an online Music Marketing course and pay a monthly fee for access to an online forum that deals with marketing and promoting independent music. The course is called Music Marketing Manifesto (MMM) and the forum is called The Insider’s Circle. John Ozjaca is the guy who runs the whole operation (I might have spelled his last name wrong).

Youtube seems to be a place with great possibilities as a far as promoting your music too.

Check out this youtube video. This guy isn’t a believer in facebook ads but he has some useful info.