My dogs ate my Sony MDR-V6 Headphones!

They stopped making them in 2020, and I ordered instead Oneodio P-10 from Amazon and maybe get here tomorrow. They are $40 so quite inexpensive, but how will they compare for me to the Sony? I mix with these, so it is nice if what I hear is fairly flat and lots of bass and high. I’m probably dreaming these will be as good as some people say, and I’ll let you know what I think manana!

I’ll be curious to see how it goes!

Well, I just opened the box and listened to a couple of things, my new Youtube video and Moody Blues Questions.

They are loud like the Sony. I think there is definitely more deep in the bass. The rest of the range seemed balanced and well defined. I think I could use these to mix etc! They are comfortable, too.

It feels like a headphone equivalence of a big woofer stereo speaker system. Listening to Kinks Low Budget and it is LOUD! I think I might have to adjust the headphone volume on my Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. Right now I’m digging the decibels, but I will probably cut back to save my ears. I have tinnitus, like always hearing crickets outdoors, but fortunately it somehow doesn’t ruin what I hear.

An oddity is the cable. It has a short stretch of curled cable, 9.8 ft total length, with a 1/8th RCA on one end and 1/4 stereo jack on the other and two plugs on the phones, one on each ear, a 1/8 and 1/4, and you simply plug in the 1/8 to the phones to have 1/4 to plug in your sound card. Or vice versa if you need it. Also came with a 1/8-1/8 with inline mic cable.

I may have to record something soon to test it outmore thoroughly. Not today, though, as I just tested positive for Covid this afternoon. But no need to be alarmed for me, I’ve been vaccinated and once boosted with Moderna, and I have mild symptoms similar to what Biden is experiencing today- cough, minor hoarseness, a bit tired, and runny nose and sneezing. I have to remember to not sneeze near my mics as it overloads the Focusrite.

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Haha… I saw the title and thought “Is this the home-recordists equivalent of ‘My dog ate my homework’?”… :laughing:

…don’t mind me… carry on!..


Sorry to hear that - I hope you feel better soon. Covid is going crazy in this part of the world too.

"Sorry Mick and Keith, I can’t do that session . . . . "


Whoa, hang in there, keep us posted.

I am doing great, Ingo! I luckily have virtually no symptoms today, and that’s been true for days. There is a lingering occasional cough and congestion, but at its worst I was given to sneezing and sniffling a tad. Had I not been vaccinated I would probably be hurting right now, even with this new variant.

Insofar as the new phones, I am totally pleased with the comfort and sound. And I have been playing around with my new setup composing/noodling a new instrumental piece.

So far it is over 14 minutes, and I confess it may be partly inspired by Shine on You Crazy Diamond, which I just watched a classical musician hearing it for the first time Youtube video the other day. Not to consider my tracks anywhere near PF, but I do believe we can achieve so much so easily nowadays, and if you didn’t know better you might think it was pretty cool.

But this work is a testimony to what a difference a new PC with an i5 and 32GB RAM and an SSD drive can make for my Reaper experience. I add instruments and tracks and lots of notes, effects and length without a beat missed. I save while playing just to be safe with no pause.

The new midi controller I bought last February is still $112 at Amazon,

Nektar, 61-Key MIDI Controller, 61 Keys (GX61)

has been wonderful, too. I am no keyboardist, but the full size velocity sensitive keys are quite helpful nonetheless.

As a note, I use several VSTs- UJAM Silk nylon guitar, Alchemy violin, Monster voice, Spitfire pads and LABS mandolin, as well as Jamstix 4 with some Boz Manic Compressor.

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Looks like you hit the ground running with the new cans. Great job!!