My Clean Personality Mix

Hey all - milestone moment - my first ever mix using other people’s recordings! I was going for a The Jam / Style Council type sound took it too far and then dialled everything back in a little - while still trying to keep it clean. Struggled with the guys voice and where to sit it in the mix. Added some manual wah-wah to the lead and tried to have fun with all the other instruments!


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Hi madpsychot! Congrats on the milestone :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m really enjoying your mix, but when that lead comes in, it takes me out of the moment. I think the wah-wah is a great idea, but in my opinion it should be executed differently. You may be able to fix it with a bit of EQ, or even by adjusting the range of the wah to sit better in the mix. The possibilities are endless :rolling_eyes:

Great job!

That’s the one thing I tweaked to death - I tried every Wah that I could find from retro to optical. EQ’d it up and down - tried compression, delay, reverb. The version I uploaded has the wah sounding really good on my monitors, ok on my headphones, and kind of so so on my computer speakers. It’s one of those things that once I put the wah on the sound I couldn’t hear it without, but once it was on, the pain really started for me. Thanks very much for the feedback - appreciate it a lot.

The tones sound good. I like the levels tho here are a few things I’m hearing.

The kic could come up some it gets lost in the choruses and some other sections. The vocals sound good ,but could use some automation on certain words(I thought at 1:00).I spent a lot of time on this myself. The last thing is the bass again sounds good, but at times it jumps out to much check your compressor setting attack release setting. Just needs to be leveled out more

I would second what Deviant said about the Wha-Wha sound good idea.
Nice job!

Exactly what I’m here for - good honest feedback. Appreciate it more than I can say. As this is the first “band” mix I’ve done I feel like I’ve jumped forward years in terms of what I’m hearing and what I’m doing. This (I don’t mind being honest) was my 10th mix of the song.

I’ll take your critique step by step. The kick gets buried in amongst the bass? Or is it an EQ problem?

I absolutely agree with you on the vocals - the levels jump around like made. The “I never thought” lyrics bugged me so much i wanted to mute that lyric out!

For the bass, I must admit I didn’t hear that. I’ve realized that mixing for hours just fries your brain - I need to find a process where I can listen to my mix objectively with fresh ears to spot these things.

Thanks very much for the feedback.

Try multiband limmiting, and a mid equalizer that should help tame those harsh high mids when it comes to wah.

Wow style council… :slight_smile: there a blast from…
I’d like to hear the version before you dialed it back.
Great job… it seems that you chose a nice spot for the vocal and got it to sit just fine.
I try to avoid saying “you have some buildup in the low mids” because every song that doesn’t sound wimpy and thin has some buildup. But I’m hearing it a little in this mix. the range from the top of the bass to the bottom of the lead vocals can use some clearing out. It is getting just on the verge of being cloudy.
Great job… and I like the wah… :slight_smile:have fun

I’m not sure you would! If you remember the song, there’s not much instrumentation in that song - the drums are loud and EQ’d so the hihat and cymbals sit almost as front and forward as the vocals. I love that sound but it really belongs in the 80’d!

But thank you for your feedback - it’s been taken on board - so there is the beginnings of muddiness from the top of the bass to the vocals? I need to listen to my mix ina few different places. I have the feeling I’m losing my perspective of my own bounced mix - as in I’m listening to it but not critically enough.

Thanks again…

Hi madpsychot,

I liked that different approach of the song.
I don’t have much too mention.
The only thing would be for a little deessing on the lead vocal and maybe bring it down 1-2 db.
Other than that, I like everything! Good job!

thanks man - appreciate the feedback a lot

Yup… listen to the “per” of personality at 1:19. That slight woofiness is the frequency that you’re after.
But look for that frequency in the other tracks first… leave the vocal alone until you get it sorted.
Yes, that woof is in the vocal on that syllable at that point in time. But see if you can make room for it with the bass and gtrs. Be careful, tho… Overdo it and you could take too much power out of the mix. If you want to experiment, get the woof out of that spot with the othr instruments, then back off what you did 1/2 way and then go after the vocal.

As for losing perspective, I hear you. I was SOOO tired of the tune that I didn’t even enter my mix in the contest because I figured I wouldn’t listen/vote on any of the entries and give a fair shake. But as it turns out, because I’m burnt on the mix(or my mix) I am able to listen to other folk’s mixes and hear stuff going south and stuff I wish that I did… :slight_smile:
have fun

I really appreciate the feedback - especially with that much detail. I need to listen to that specific portion on my monitors. I think that’s the part of mixing I’m enjoying the most - the carving out of frequencies to get everything in it’s place.

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There’s nothing wrong per season with this mix, I think it just needs a bit more work on the lows, the guitar and vocals sound good and the drums and bass sound tinny and far away.
Boosting the kick at 80 to 150 hz an the bass anywhere from 100 to 500 hz could give this mix a lot more body.
The wah on the lead guitar is a bit uneven but it also sounds like it doesn’t belong for on the track, try eqing the lead so it sits better in the mix.

Now I know it sounds like I’m being a bit harsh but I do think the mix is good, it just needs more focus on the bottom end and I’m sure you’ll be happier with the results. Thanks for letting us listen!

Hi, thanks for the feedback - appreciate it. I don’t think you’re being harsh at all - say it as you see it. I’m taking a break from Personailty, but I’m going to open up my session this weekend and work on the feedback I’ve got so far.

Everything seems to be fine to my ears. But overall energy is bit lacking or too polite. Now this feels like a nice cover of some other bands hit. I you paid more atteention to transitions from part to other, it would make difference, there would be more ”moments” in this mix. For example at 0:58 you could automate drum fills up as a marker of change.

As vox is quite loud also esses come out quite loudly.

Brilliant! I think I’m going to put this on a business card! “Polite mixer who’ll turn your songs into cover versions!”

Agree with the automation - it’s something I’ve only just understood in the past few days. I used to think of it as just changing the odd parameter here and there in the past. I’ve realised just how much it makes or breaks a mix now. Appreciate the feedback.

Nice mix here. good balance and you have got that vocal sounding really present which is something I could do. Although it is a bit too loud I would say pulling the vocal back would help boast the mix. thanks for sharing.

I like your take on the mix. easy to listen to I beeive the vocal are a bit to forward. I struggle with that as well ( always my issue) if the vocals were back mor the master buss could be tighter and the mix would be more present.

Good job

good luck

@redworks and @TeeThomas54 - very much appreciate the feedback, and the fact that you took the time to listen to it. Would you believe up until 30 seconds before I bounced the track, I was fiddling with the levels of the vocals??? I’ve learned a lot with this mix (which is actually my first). All the feedback has just made me want to go back and mix more. But not this song…

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I would believe it. Happens all the time to me. Which is why having people (like in the bash this section) to listen and give you new perspectives on what you are hearing is so important. I am glad that you enjoyed it, because it can be painful at times.