My broken preamp is still under warranty :D But

My broken preamp is still under warranty :D But


…but who makes a tube preamp with a warranty clause that says if you change the tube you void said warranty? You’d think you could just unscrew that glass thing and just change the preamp yourself. Is there something that has to do with biasing or something like that which makes this not a DIY task?

I bought this brand new a year ago. Aren’t preamps usually one of the last things to break in a studio? I mean, on my MOTU and on my Presonus the power supply and firewire ports died long before I lost a single preamp on either of those. On an avid, even the word clock chip failed before a single preamp went down.


I dont know, Ive had a few ART tubes pres that had VU meters or channel issues.

I suppose the solid state would be far less likely to have issues, power supplys are kind of a main repair in pc’s and other things too. Ive read the Blue pre had a few knob issues.

repairs on gear are interesting because people post about fails but no one posts about tools working well.