My adventures with the Allen & Heath GLD-80

I’m currently replacing a sound system at a local church and installing an Allen & Heath GLD-80, as well as the ME-1’s for personal mixing. I’ll get to spend a fair amount of time learning the ins and outs of it (no pun intended). I’ll try to document my findings as I go :slight_smile:

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Hi I have to start reading with more concentration. I first read it as “no nun intended” …yikes




It’s a non-denominational church, so even no nun intended applies :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’m really liking how the effects side of this board look and behave very similar to plugins on a DAW. :beerbanger:

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Those are REALLY neat boards for not a lot of money! If the volunteers can handle the workflow, they’re great all mixers. The Dante expanders are ridiculously convenient for a church that also wants to do broadcast or post production. I think thats the best stuff you can put in a church until you hit the Midas/Avid level.

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Non denominational church? Color me ignorant. What do you do at a church that doesn’t preach?

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A non denominational church, means they preach, sing, pray, tithe, study, and do humanitarian work just like any of the above denominations. They just aren’t affiliated with any particular organizational group.

How are they supposed to brainwash the kiddos though? I know the term, but living in the Bible Belt I didn’t know such places actually existed.

My friends at the World Council of Churches (ALL denominational) would blow your skull off.
Judging by your posts, you’d enjoy that!

They can suck my balls. If I were about forty years younger, they probaby would suck them. What’s their cutoff age nowadays, 12? That’s when they’re too old?

I’m going to bring this back on topic. @Jonathan, do you have any experience setting up the ME-1’s with these boards? If so, I’d love to talk to you about it!!

I do. From the main mixer, you route the stems groups. So if you and I were playing in a band, we’d both have our kick in ch 1, snare in 2, all other drums in 3-4, then say vocals in 5 and so on. That you can’t change, and that routing is controlled from the board.

You can patch all ME-1’s into the same switcher or daisy chain them together. Regardless of how you patch them together, each one still controls its own mix, and has access to the same groups stems. The advantage of the ME1’s over the AVIOM or Behringer units is that you can restrict access to certain parameters. The screens are digital too, opposed to the Behringers and AVIOMS where you have to label the channels with a pen and a strip of tape.

They also work very nicely as a headphone monitoring playback devices in a recording studio. So if that church has any kind of recording or studio capability, if any given stage or recording area has access to the main DANTE network, these things can receive the stem feeds.

What else were you wanting to know?

It would appear that any EQing that happens on the board (on individual channels) directly effects what the player hears in the ME-1’s. Is that the default? I’m guessing effects applied will also show up in the ear mix? And it appears that there is not the ability to EQ individual channels on the ME-1 like you can on the Behringer boxes.

Yeah. If you absolutely have to have EQ on a lead vocal in the guys monitors, you have to route him a separate track the from one that goes to the house. So basically this:

Channel 1 Vocal -> all ME1’s and to front of house
Channel 1 Vocal (same) -> EQ -> Reverb -> Lead singers ME1 only

If the guy insists on playing with his reverb from song to song (which some guys do), you need the verb on its own parallel send.

Unlike the Behringer, you the Allen Heath CAN have different layouts on each module. So I could have Kick, Bass, Toms, OH in 1-4 on mine, You can have Bass, Tom, Snare, Kick (in that order) on yours. So what that means is a singer can have access to a parallel verb bus, but he’s gonna not have something else.

There could be a firmware update coming soon that allows EQ control, but Allen Heath says its a ways out.