Music to review, will return the favor! New as of June 17th!

I put two songs in my music website: “Fear Not and Be Strong” (sounds more polished) is the song on top, and “You Gonna Do That?” (crazy vocals ColdRoomStudio wouldn’t like, and less polished all around) is the next song down. Please tell me how you like the music and how it can be improved, and I will return the favor. Here is my link:

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Hi Aaron,
Very nice vocals on this song!
Fear Not and Be Strong is a great composition, and I love the beat of this song.
And the most loved, is your guitar solo. The guitar could be a bit louder in the mix.
Very cool and hip solo!!!
Thanks Aaron!!!

Thank you for the review, I appreciate it!

Hi aaron. Really like the first one. I have come to realize you are very talented in a phases of music making. Very cool chord progressions and effects. Your vocal IMHO, is one of your best. Only thing I could slightly notice is that the vox was a little early in a few verse spots. If there was a tracker, I could tell you where. If anything, with the vibe of that track, it would be better slightly late and drawn out vs early. I might be all wet on that one tho.
My old band got together a last Saturday. It a nutshell, it was awful for me. Way too loud even with earplugs. Kinda was a wake up call to move on from live play. I am selling or giving away all my stuff. PA systems, amps, roland electronic drums, you name it. A bit of a bummer, but everything has it’s cycle.
I don’t expect this site to go on much longer. Only three people making current music. Rene has his own rendition of this song in a forum noted colab. He done good.
ps. I have all my old stuff on soundclick as well. ha ha stay cool ole friend

Thank you for the review, I appreciate it! Yeah, I would be leery about joining a band again for any length of time, because off & on I have ringing in my ears.

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