Music to check out with special collaborator! Will return the favor!

I put 2 songs in my my music website: the song on top is called “Spiritually High”, and the second one down is “Falling From the Skyyy” (it’s like rap metal). The second song has Jeff Trumpold doing the rhythm guitars, electric bass, and the drums; I did the vocals, lyrics, and the lead guitar. Jeff was/is in a band (Thirty Seconds of Shame) that was signed by Curt Smith from Tears For Fears, and has opened for KingsX and Sevendust. Please tell me how you like the music and how it can be improved, and I will return the favor. Here is my link:

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Both tunes very well done Aaron but I am impressed with your collaboration especially. The song is fairly generic from a metal standpoint but that makes a nice contrast to your over-the-top vocals and lyrics. You always do well with vocals but metal is a good fit for you here. You are very skilled with stereo effects too which is great but that might wear thin if you have it on every song, just a thought.

I don’t have anything current posted here (it’s kind of a ghost town anyway) but I do have a piece I hope to post soon; but thanks for your ‘return the favor’ offer anyway.

Hi bud. Not doing well with bad ears. I saw this earlier and tried to listen and it hurt. Even at level 15. I liked both of them almost equally. So many fun things in the first with all the wah and accents. Your music gets better each time I listen
I really like the second one mostly because of your wild vocal delivery. You were really in the zone. The actual metal sound was spot on. Gets my juices goin and i am 73 NOW ha ha
take care

ingolee and feaker,
Thank you for the reviews, I appreciate it!

Great track - cool energy and weird in a really good way - nicely done!

Thank you for listening and replying!

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Nice tracks both of them!
I love the way you are using effects on vocals.
Along with the way you deliver them, makes them really interesting to listen to.
Guitar sounds is top notch as well!
The only thing I would change are the brass sound on “Spiritually high”. Or maybe not change the sound but add more brass maybe? In my ears it sounds kinda weak compared to the power of the rest of the groove.

Very well done!

I appreciate you listening to my songs and reviewing them; thank you!

Only got to listen to Falling From the Sky so far and will get to the other later on.
That intro is cool when it kicks in! Love it. The vocal delivery really provides something different compared to the standard style of rap metal. A touch of Primus meets Beastie Boys to it.

That main riff is awesome! What did you use/do to get that guitar sound? It’s super meaty but clear as!
I really enjoyed it. Great stuff.

Thank you for listening and commenting, I appreciate it! On “Falling From The Skyyy”, I used Line 6 PodXT on the lead guitar, and Jeff used Pod XTLive for the rhythm guitars, so the potential amp modeling and effects are probably identical. That doesn’t mean we used the same settings, of course. I used Line 6 Helix Native for guitar amp modeling & effects for “Spiritually High”, by the way.