Music to check out, includes Yes member collaborator! Will return the favor!

I collaborated (for the second time) with Jeremy Cubert (who has collaborated with Yes singer Jon Anderson and Yes bassist/guitarist Billy Sherwood), where Jeremy played Chapman Stick, and I did everything else; the song on top: “Comprehend Me Now”. The second song down (“Odd Combo 3”) is less polished. Please tell me how you like the music, how it can be improved, and I will return the favor. Here is my link:


Wow, that was some awesome guitar work aaron. Loved that run down at the start and then I started head banging with it (will need a brace tomorrow) It then slowed down a bit with some kinda yummy blend. It took away the vibe, but provided a little break for my old neck. I can’t say anything was done poorly. Might be, IMHO, one of your best. Thanks for checking out my short demo. I am not at all happy with it. Back at it today. good to hear from you ole friend…press on

I can be no other thing than what I am, candid.

Upon the reveal with your link, 5 tracks emerged and I gave the 5 each a preview with headphones on at my usual listening to everything level, 100%. I like the music to each and if I recall, the music to the 5th track might have had a slight edge on for top fancied.

When I have done more in depth critiques or go through the testing of my own material, much more listening is done on various devices with and without headphones on. To this point, I’ve only given as was recommended in the comments on your songs, so, as for a truly informed opinion on sound quality, I cannot give it, but, with my headphones on in this sitting, the music didn’t sound half bad.

I struggled to hear what I liked in the very first song, the music. The singing turned me completely off and it may not be just about how the singer sang but how it was seeming so un-blended in the mix.

“Sounds best on good headphones.” (???)

Aside from your sounds… have you ever seen another artist with this recommendation appearing anywhere surrounding the listening of and to their songs?

I remember this feeling in me! Everything sounded fat and full and f’ing dynamic in the headphones… everywhere else though it sounded like krud and mudd! Butt, if I could only assure any potential listener that their experience will be at least well if only they use their headphones…

This last bit probably sullied my mind even before pressing play.

All in all, I did groove on the music portion and I am just one nobody anyways so… please, no war!


Thank you for listening and replying, I appreciate it.

I only recommended hearing it with headphones because that’s what I used to mix it. I know many would say better to mix it on monitors, but if I did that I would drive my wife and daughter insane. I don’t want a war. I appreciate that you listened to 5 of my songs, and replied. Peace.

I record, mix and master solely through my headphones but I test my sound on as many devices as I got and if after some testing is done and I’m not happy I go back to the headphones and repeat the process all over again. I got cruddy gear and little privacy to jack up the volume all the time but I do get moments when being a little loud is acceptable. It helps, in my opinion, to do the sound quality test both with and without headphones on.

For me, knowing that you have short changed your sound by not checking, if I were randomly browsing, stopped on your profile and saw your recommendation… I would probably shrug my shoulders, roll my eyes a spell and then pass on pressing play because I would believe the artist doesn’t believe in the quality.

I’m not the law on artist etiquette nor apart of the genre police, it is merely an observation from my perspective.

Hi Aaron, Comprehend me now, is enjoyable!
Wow impressive list of collaboration guests.
As always, I love the guitar solo, very impressive and quite a trip.
The vocals mix can actually be tweaked down a little, as it sounds a bit louder that the rest of the mix.
Lovely recording.

Thank you for checking out my music and replying, I appreciate it!

I used to spend a significant amount of time mixing with headphones, and checking the mix on my home stereo set-up with speakers, and sometimes my car stereo. Very time consuming, plus it always seemed if I tweaked it to make it sound better on speakers, it sounded worse on headphones, etc. I’ve heard some people say if it is mixed right, it will sound good on any sound system, but I find that hard to believe, considering some people listen to music on their smart phone, and it sounds extremely tinny, and other people will blast music on their 1,000 watt stereo with bass that sounds like a bomb going off. Just my opinion; I’m sure others will disagree with me. I’m just not a pro audio engineer, and I have limited patience mixing. I’d rather spend time on the next song than listening to my song another hundred times with slight tweaks. Just my opinion/feelings. I have noticed some modest English chaps will say, “here’s my song; it sounds like crap, but here it is”. I can’t imagine Anthony’s feelings with something like that. :wink:

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Do you know me from another source where you’ve experienced my vigor and candor? The wink might suggest you have

I have cultivated this and I will continue to as well as sprout it off whenever and wherever I might not get lynched or drawn and quartered…

“There are no mistakes in Art but there very much is and can be in the application of Art.”

I guess it really all boils down to what the Artist wants their Art to be or say in this non multi million dollar rider touring the world side of the music industry, and but…

… when this is the response, the expected result cannot realistically be the same as for them who do not in any sort nor measure subscribe to the same work habit or ethic and the 2, in my opinion, should not compete for the same air space. Everyone can have Air Time but, Devyn Anthony aka da gibberish pedlar, at this time with his sound, should not even yet think to be even remotely considered to have his junk be set next aside and compared evenly with the likes of Van Halen and The Red Hot Chili Pepppers. Know what I mean?

When the limits of one’s skill or ability on a project is reached, so be it.
When the limits of one’s skill or ability on a project is not reached does it ever bother those who don’t go there that they didn’t?

What isn’t? Yet, sometimes, when the Passion gets a thunderous kick from Inspiration, doesn’t it seem like time isn’t and that blinking never was?!

Everyone has various priorities with their time, and various likes & dislikes. Some people don’t even sing or play an instrument, and all they want to do is mix other people’s music. Not something I can relate to much. I spend a certain amount of time mixing, but I have my limits before I start to get tired of hearing my own song a million times in a roughly a month. I’ve heard at least one person say, “I never finish a song, it just gets abandoned” (or words to that effect). I don’t feel I have that attitude, but I roughly spend about 40 hours total on a particular song, and that’s plenty for me. Ready for the next one. If you like spending a hundred hours mixing one song, go for it! :wink:

How did I miss this?!? I’m such a big fan of YES!. I’m listening to the first track at the moment. I’m feeling like the vocals and snare are a bit hot, but everything else is sitting pretty nice. If you turn down the volume on your speakers/headphones until you barely hear the song, you’ll notice is hits a point where you can only hear vocal and snare. Everything else vanished. At least that was my experience. Its just something I do as a little test on my own mixes. My 2 cents at the moment :slight_smile:
Good work!

Yes (no pun intended), I have had several people tell me the vocals are too loud. It must be my headphone (Sony MDR-7506), and ear & brain combo (both 62 years old); I just mix it best I can with my own perception. Thank you for listening and commenting, I appreciate it! If you have any music you want me to check out, leave me a link.