Music to check out as of October 11th, will return the favor!

I have two songs: “Filled With Danger” (the song on top) and “Nice to Meet You” (the second song down: vocals by Toni; guitar by Lex; vintage synth & drum machine; recorded in 1986 on analog tape; less polished, but maybe the better song). Please tell me how you like the music and how it can be improved, and I will return the favor. Here is my link:

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Hi guy. Liked the tone of Lex voice. Like the guitars as well. Especially the rapid cycle one. Back to Lexi. She nails the notes in some places nearly perfect, but not so much in others. Distracts from the great mood/vibe. Seems like the first couple of words are off, but then she finds herself to finish nicely.
I know that might seem hurtful, but in all honesty I use melodyne maybe 10% of the time. Usually on the first few words until I lock in. Especially low notes.
Not sure if you notice any nits in the vocal tuning or not? It might be just as you would like. To be honest, most folks her will not comment on that because it becomes very personal. I would love that vocal track sent in a pm to mess with. Her voice is too engaging to not have it close to accurate. I could have just said great track…and it is…I am gambling once again with a friendship

Hi Aaron,
Love Lex and Toni as featured in your song.
Vocals are well placed on very top of the mix.
Guitars are great, although your playing is also well loved.
Thanks for these beauties.

To my ears, Toni’s vocals sound great considering no Melodyne existed in 1986, I recorded this on a 4 track cassette deck, and couldn’t piece together virtual tracks. You told me your honest opinion, and I am fine with that. I don’t hear her being off significantly pitch-wise, but that’s OK. I digitally remixed the song from the cassette deck to a Roland VS-880 hard disc recorder a long time ago, and the VS-880 died years ago. I recorded her vocals going through a Roland Cube 60 keyboard amp to tweak the EQ and add reverb. Even if my VS-880 still worked, I wouldn’t be able to undo the reverb, so I think it would be difficult to pitch correct it. Thank you for listening and commenting, I appreciate it!

Thank you for checking out my songs and replying! I appreciate it!

Hi aaron No more talk of vocal anything anymore. It serves no purpose but to upset friends. I just have to tweek with it. peace man

“Danger” - not a big fan of the vocals, could use more variation, I’d like to hear a bit of edge on that voice or some kind of vocoder or phazer/flanger movement, maybe a bit of a NIN effect on there.
The rest of the music - I guess kinda 80s Depeche mode but not as interesting…doesn’t sound bad, just the vox kinda stand one dimensional.

“Nice…” opened up really well, then the lead vocal lost me. Very pitchy, and wayyyy too loud. Again the music kinda stays flat in the back and the vocals dominate but not interesting to keep me listening. Maybe some pitch correction and more creative mixing would improve it.

Here’s mine, have at it:

Thank you for checking out both songs of mine. Now listening to your song. I had to listen to it at a low volume because it has way too many high frequencies for my ears, and it doesn’t have much low end in the mix. Once the vocals start, the song kind of reminds me of Ozzie Osborne/Black Sabbath. Other than the mix, I think all of it sounds very good!