Music Critic Tries (Fails) to Describe Dynamic Range

He says DR is the difference between the high and low frequencies (ie the spectrum). The article is good for a laugh when he starts trying to get technical. Oh yeah, Merry Christmas.


Wow lol. Ha!

To quote Luke Skywalker, “Everything you just said was wrong”

In essence, the dynamic range of a recording is the difference between the high frequencies and low frequencies. The wider the difference, the more live the recording sounds and the more pleasing to the ear it is. The highs and lows of Vapor Trails were compressed, the peaks and valleys of the sound wave leveled off, creating a very loud CD. Unfortunately, also a very flat sounding one. It’s kind of like when you’re watching TV or listening to the radio and a commercial comes on. The commercial is always louder, to get your attention.


That statement is half true. I mean, the waveform for that CD is pretty flat, but the recording sizzles and distorts because it’s so brickwalled. It’s a chore to listen to. Really glad they remixed it, but unfortunately they still brickwalled the fuckin’ thing. Not nearly as bad though DR7 compared to DR5 of the original. Plus the remix cleans some of the sound up. You a Rush fan Johnny? If so, I’d recommend the remix. It doesn’t sound too bad for an album that is DR7. It’s a good album that they jacked the first time around.