Multitracks Up for Grabs!

I made a little video promoting the multitracks I have available with the purchase of my album.

As a special offer to any registered members of IRD, if you can post share/link/repost this promotion on 3 different places on social media, I’ll give you the album and multitracks for free. Just pm your 3 links and I’ll send you the album and the links to download.

Here’s the YouTube Video:




== OR == Be lazy and just buy the album and tell your friends about it! :wink:

PS. Cool video soundtrack!

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Thanks - I think you must be the one person who has viewed it :joy:. It’s fun doing little clips like that, even if no one sees them…

This is awesome! And the album sounds dope. Production work seems outstanding.

Will you authorise your material mixed by a third-party to be showcased in a portfolio? Asking for a friend… :grin:


Yes… but… I WANT CREDIT!!! :rofl: … Happy Funtime joke there… seriously though, anyone who mixes the multi-tracks are free to use them for their portfolio. An artist credit and link to the album are greatly appreciated. :+1:

You betcha! Also I’m happy using a shortened version of a song if you’re more comfortable with that than just letting the full song out there.

Will send you a PM with the links later. Great idea you had with this offer, it’s a win-win situation.

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