Multitrack & Stems from my Album available to mix/master

Hi all, If you would like to mix a multitrack from my recently released album, Fytakyte’s “Meandersaur”, you are welcome to grab the multitracks here:
There are also processed stems of the main elements that combine to make the pre-mastered mixes, so you can open up the mix & have a listen to the processing as a guide for your own mixes, or even make your own master for practice, if you prefer. Have fun!


Sweet! Thanks Andrew!

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Hah, if ever there was a thread with ‘no takers’… just because its already that good.

But an awesome invitation, nonetheless… cheers mate!

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No worries Mike - enjoy!

Haha - seriously though, I’m sure that a lot of you out there could destroy my mixes, just solely due to having less preconceptions & more objectivity.

Even if I have no intention of mixing a multitrack or stems, I’m always interested in looking into the "guts’ of a production, purely out interest in how different people put music together, so I look at it as (hopefully) educational at least.

So possibly anyone, despite their level of mixing/engineering ability may be able to get something out of it.


Very cool of you!

Are these comped and edited Andrew?

Excellent - Thanks Andrew !!!

No problem!


You’re welcome!

yep, spot on. we will indeed destroy them. but maybe not in a good way :slight_smile:

Oh btw. what do you think is your best song? the single ? Id maybe like to try to mangle that one…

oh, there is only one, no probs, Im not bitter:)

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I hate them all equally now :grimacing:

… um… I would consider my best 3 to be (in no particular order):

“Celebrity Chef”

& “Snake Oil Salesman”

I have 2 more multitracks being made available soon on the Cambridge MT Multitrack Library Site.
They will be:
“Life Gets In the Way”

& “Outa Control”

There will be more coming after that, but that’s all I’m doing for now.


ok, im not even sure this is ‘better’ - just different.

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Nice! Sounds good on my cruddy speakers at work! :+1:

Consider this the ‘live’ version. (this one has a touch more ‘air eq’ and the ubiquitous ‘recording analog 3D mojo’ in it)… just needs a touch of crowd noise added now…

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Your tracks were mentioned in this month’s email newsletter. Always cool to see someone you know get a mention somewhere else. :slight_smile:

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so this is just one of my live gig recordings, but can anybody here add the crowd vox to make it sound like this? I always wondered if it was possible… sorry for the hijack, lol