Mulitple speakers with on interface

Hi Everyone,

I have an UAD Apollo 8 interface with the standard monitor outputs. I am trying to have 2 monitors and also 2 sets of speakers, 1 pair in two different rooms and I am trying to find a way to get all of them to come from the Apollo 8. I purchased a Samson C-controler but it seems to only want to play the monitors. It also seems to only want to play one pair at a time, not everything at the same time. My question here is can I just add 1/4" TS plugs to the end of my speaker wire, and plug them into the other 'output" jacks on the Apollo 8? UAD has a note not to add speakers to the monitor jacks only. Does anyone have a suggestion for how to have speakers and the monitors hooked up to just the monitor jacks?

Thank you so much.

Are the other speakers you are trying to hook up powered speakers ?
If so, you could use a trs y cable to split the output between monitors and the powered speakers.

If the speakers are passive, then you will need an additional amplifier to drive them because the Apollo only provides a line level output.

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Thank you for responding so fast. The second and third pair of speakers are passive. Only my main monitors have power. Would I just look for a powered amplifier? I was using an old stereo receiver and amplifier but the thing was huge. It seemed like overkill for just having speakers. I am tight on space but if I had to bring it back i could. I just thought there would be something smaller out there.

FWIW on my system I’d take a coaxial digital output (RCA plug) from the back of my Roland interface and run it into my old stereo amp which can power multiple speakers. I think it will do a sub woofer too but I’d have to look. I think I’ve seen some small power amps out there too, you can check.

Then I think you have to make sure that the DAW and the interface are set to out put to the coaxial plug and it should work although I’ve never actually done it.


Since the second set of speakers are passive, you will to use an additional amplifier/receiver to power them.

A lot of places are selling class D amps (small and high efficiency) for low cost if you don’t want to haul out that big amp. Most run off of a laptop type of power supply and would help reduce equipment clutter.