MT Power Drum Kit 2

MT Power Drum Kit 2
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I came home from work, downloaded and installed this and did a very quick unscientific test. For anything I’m ever going to record, this is likely to always work for me. Pretty darn easy to use. At first I was trying to figure out how to set the BPM but then I realized it was pulling that information from the Cubase session. Next week (after I finish the current MBA class) I intend to mix down a demo of one of my songs with a drum track I create here. I have a good feeling they’re getting a donation from me. lol


I can’t say how impressed I am with MT Power Drums. The patterns can start to get a little repetitive, but in my case, I used them as a starting point a then tweaked the MIDI to make my own. And the samples sound really good to me as well. In fact, I didn’t replace a single one in my project, although I did add an additional “power snare” to one of the tracks. Really impressive!


I just kind of “thumbed through” some of the patterns. I noticed that many of those patterns are grouped together with similar elements that throw in some different fills to kind of mix it up a little. It’s definitely enough for me to work with personally.


If nothing else, it lets you lay down patterns and structure a song pretty quickly. then you can go back and refine it. It’s unbelievable to me some of the software that is available for free today!!


Absolutely, positively, the best statement ever!


huh. I haven’t tried version 2. based on the quick video I saw, their groove explorer looks pretty handy.


Sounds good to me, thanks for the tip!


This is a great drum plugin for putting on my laptop. Version 2 has the same limitation that v1 had in that each drum sample is pre-mixed, meaning you don’t get a separate ouput for you close and overhead drums. But the fact that it’s free, it’s super light on CPU and RAM, and the fact that the goove browser is well laid out and easy to sort through, this thing is pretty cool.


I’m not sure what you mean by this: “you don’t get a separate output for you close and overhead drums” since there are no “overhead drums”. You actually CAN split the drums out onto their own tracks though, if that’s what you mean… The limitation is that there are only 8 outputs. It does take some finagling…


well, the samples are a mix of close mics and overheads and rooms. You can’t separate them. The “snare” channel is close mic, overheads and rooms all combined.

I almost always put different processing on my close mics that I don’t want being applied to my overheads.


Hmmm… I didn’t realize that. Well, maybe you could just use the generated midi notes and replace the samples with your own as suits your discriminating taste. Man, if you only had a plugin that would allow you shape the attack and sustain of the transients. What would be REALLY sweet is if there was an integrated EQ too… :wink:


Good stuff, BigAl !

I’ve been working with EZdrummer for the last month or so and I’m unimpressed with the drum sounds. I’ll see if the MT Power Kit has any useful samples. Thanks!


Credit goes to @miked. :blush:


So I’ve got an original song that’s at 120 BPM but the drums in the verses are supposed to feel like they’re 60 BPM. I had to tempo map the song to make this happen. Before I figured this out, I was about ready to punch a hole in the wall. Even after I mapped the tempo the first time, I ended up having to readjust it as I went along to get the drum beats the way I wanted them throughout the whole song. HAHA! I realized how much a novice I still am with my DAW.


Couldn’t you just 1/2 time the drum beats for the verse? Remember too, you don’t have to do the WHOLE song at once in MT Power drums. You can get the verse beat down, drag it into your DAW (Are you in Studio One?), then copy/paste/rearrange the MIDI notes to your heart’s content. I also found it easier to put together the drums as a stereo track because everything was right there, then manually split the individual elements out after I was done. Kind of a pain and there’s probably a smarter way, but it got done. :beerbanger:


Probably not for free. :zipper_mouth_face: Steven Slate Drums has some features: for each drum you can do Attack/Sustain/Release, and there’s a Tune knob which will obviously affect the frequencies. No on board EQ, but the instrument is easily routed to a DAW track where you can EQ as desired. Just FYI.


Hey Stan the Man, my reply to Boz was very tongue in cheek because he recently came out with his innovative Big Beautiful Door plugin. :grin:


I’m using Cubase. I was just dropping in pre-programmed grooves. With that, the only way I could get it to “groove” correctly was changing the tempo to 60 BPM for the parts I wanted. I haven’t really made much time to actually sit down and manually program my own grooves. I’ll get the hang of it. I really do need to force myself to just sit at my workstation for a few days and just focus. I just kinda wanted to vent yesterday more than anything. lol