MP3 encoding

Hi everybody,

For the contest i encode my mix in mp3. I use the lame encoder 320 kbps in CBR, because internet XD.

However i can hear so much difference between lossless and mp3 (i can hear it even in the toms introduction !)

Did any of you know how to improve mp3 encoding?

Thx to any response !

Your ears are much better than mine, then… I can’t hear the difference between a 320 mp3 and a wav. But I have known for a long time that my hearing has seriously deteriorated with age. I’ve done some testing at home and it’s clear my sensitivity drops waaaaaay off above about 9 or 10K Hz. So if I had better hearing at high freqs, I might be able to tell the diff…

owhh so sad to hear it. It could alse be your monitoring setup, what are you using?

The other version was 24 bit 96kHz (i always use it, no matter what ^^), so a bit more extreme than comparing wav to mp3

No, it’s not my setup, I’ve got decent gear. It’s definitely my ears. There are a bunch of websites where you can evaluate by running systematic tests using headphones, it’s basically the same thing an audiologist would do but of course not as accurate. But my hearing loss manifests in MANY ways, like not being able to hear conversations in loud spaces like restaurants or bars, anyplace with echo-y clattery sounds and I’m cooked. I am constantly having to ask people to repeat themselves (my poor wife!). I have known this for years and simply have not taken the time to find an audiologist and start the process of getting hearing aids, but that’s what I really need.

i’m so sorry for you. I know what it is, i had some ears problems when i was a child, but with training i had recover pretty much everything ! Don’t give up!

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Thank you Jo! I have learned to adapt, it’s not like I am seriously challenged. In a regular room everything is fine, it’s only when things get really noisy. This past year has been really hard at work and I have been stretched VERY thin, but in the new year now I think things are easing off at last, so I am going to get my ears examined soon.

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I just realized the other day… probably from reading the contest rules. That every mp3 of a mix that I’ve rendered since going into the box has been 192. So that’s gotta be 1500+ instances where I could have had better at 320. But it never really bothered me. I knew going in that mp3 was lossy. I can hear difference between a 24bit wav and a 192 mp3. But it never destroyed a mix. Any mixes that got destroyed were solely my own doing.
So today I rendered a mix back to back with 192 and 320 mp3s. The only difference I had was that the 320 took 15 seconds longer… I can’t hear anything otherwise…
Somewhat related question… sorry for the hijack: @holster
Does the imbedded player on this site upsample or convert 192 to 320 or anything like that?