Moving the studio into a storage locker... fun fun fun

Packing up to sell the house. Been taking the studio apart over the last few weeks… Crazy how much stuff you realize you aren’t using when you clean out the closets and start disassembling things. Its headed for a storage locker… may be there for a while.

I took a little coffee table from corner of my kitchen and have been using it for a desk… I LOVE how the shape of the desk makes it really easy to position monitors.

I grabbed 3 DA converts, stuffed them in a small rack and have more than enough to get be by. Man, it feels good to clean house and become trim, and minimalistic for audio stuff.


Are you still recording/mixing for people these days?

Muse Receptor. Isn’t that they hardware plugin thingy that was made by the eventide guys?

That is a LOT of gear JK

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Nope. Just getting my butt kicked in the software world!

That’s a linux computer in a rack mount box that runs VI’s for live stage and studio. Was their own company, bought out by Peavey, then Peavey lost interest and it was over.

That’s all you need

Yeah man. Making it work on bare bones basics.

Robust computer + variety of plugins + healthy version of a DAW + A couple good converters + Monitors + A LOT of bass traps + clean power.

…a nice comfy chair + an ergonomically efficient desk!


dang thats a wild revelation, it seems yesterday you were moving in or buying all that stuff.
the picture with the minimalistic futuristic laptop and monitors is such a huge change from your massive amount of gear. amazing the power of the ITB these days.

the reduction in cables alone must be mind boggling bizarre!

If I went to go ITB, it wouldnt compare… I can only imagine how streamlined it must feel! wow!

noticed you kept the Crane controller…how come?

I’m keeping everything… I just had to scale it back in the transition. Im mainly using that crane song because it’s my only monitor controller. The other 2 pieces of it are sitting on the mantle in the pictures. That’s just the remote control on the desk. Each box does 2 channels - so to have a 5.1 surround (which is 6 channels) you need 3 boxes.