Move Like a Ghost (Lewitt mix contest)


Being a big fan of Lewitt mics (which I’m using on most of what I record), I jumped on this opportunity. I was particularly interested in the “after-the-fact polar pattern choice” feature on the 640 TS. And I am not used to mixing live rock recordings so it was good practice.

I chose to do a lot of cleaning up in order to achieve a tidy mix while trying to avoid any compromise on liveliness and aggressivity of the song. I’m interested in your thoughts on this mix.

Sounding good. It is good to hear where you are coming from. I think that I do find this to be a little too clean for my taste. Not a bad thing just a taste thing. One thing that really stands out is how mono the whole mix is. Am I missing something or is everything except the OHs panned pretty much straight up the middle?

Absolutely, it’s a taste thing. It might be too clean but I thought it was interesting to see how clean I could get it without spoiling the live energy.

About stereo, there is nothing in the center in this mix apart from kick, snare and bass… However, vocals, guitar and keys are focused in the L40/R40 area. Most of the real stereo content comes from the drums, reverbs and delays. I find it’s ok for this song but I’d be interested to hear what the others think about that?

yeah me too because i found it really off putting but that again could be because i have been listening to it in my mix so much .