Morning Light remix with Bass, check it out Bash

“Morning Light” with added bass. After ignoring the song for about a year, i remixed all the instruments and added bass. I havent remixed the vocals yet but they are coming next

the drums were just a stereo MP3 from a live drummer. He is good etc but there is quite a bit of timing flux in it lol. Good fun though

1st mix

2nd mix, “doubled” snare, brought down chorus and bridge guitar and bass slightly

for reference here is the song mix from last year with vocals

I think this sounds a lot better then the old mix. I would say try and bring the snare out more, but since you’re working from an MP3 you might not be able to do that without adding too much HI hat. You might be able to ad a snare on top of the drum track to fill it out a little bit, if it’s not too complicated.

I really like the sound you’re getting from the guitars. It has a nice bite to it, without being too bright.

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yeah, im a little skeptical of the mix now because I did it on headphones lol. I played it thru my laptop and I actually heard bass!! (usually no bass on the lappy)

I dunno if I can do much with the snare. I MIGHT could by trying to isolate the snare with eq etc and then lay that isolated snare track down along with the full drum track.

Unfortunately there is no “grid” for this one because the drum timing is all over the place. for whatever reason when I mixed it last year I ended up with the BPM of the DAW set at 74.76 bpm.

I kept thinking my bass playing was off in certain spots and then when id go check it, it was the drums. If you listen to the count in you can even hear variation in it lol

But yeah I agree, the snare is a little weak

I was able (hopefully) to isolate and dbl the snare some. Brought down the chorus and bridge gtrs and bass slightly

(“2nd mix” as edited into the OP)

As far as the verse and bridge its 4 guitars. If I remember correctly I used either a Joyo “British” (Marshall Sim) or a Joyo ‘American’ (Fender sim) pedal. So its left and right of mic’ed up distorted guitar…line 6 I assume lol and then its left and right of the Joyo direct, set pretty clean

here is sample of the verse of what I assume is the Joyo Pedal…without the chorus and delay I added in the mix. I ought to use this to double stuff a whole lot more as it adds a really nice sort of Jimmy Page vibe under distorted guitars

Definitely like what you’re doing here JJ! I actually prefer the second version to the third-- second was a big improvement on the first. I find v2 more compelling sonically for totally subjective reasons that I probably cannot articulate. :grin: I just like it better.

Have you tried using multiband compression to help you adjust the drum sounds? That can be of some use, in some cases, when you’re working with a full-kit drum track. They are fiddly but it might be of use.

Good work!

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which are you considering as the “3rd” version? lol

Im not very savvy on multiband comps yet. id like to get fabfilter but I want to see if I can mix worth a flip without it first

I do have a multiband vst but when I use it one is reminded of a monkey examining a wristwatch

Sorry, wasn’t being clear-- you have two clips in the OP and a third further down. So I’m just labeling them in the order they appeared in the thread-- hope that’s clear now!

When I get back on the music rig in the next day or two I will dig around, I am pretty sure I have a freeware MB comp plug I can point you at, just for a test-drive that costs nuthin’. :slight_smile:

I thought thats what u meant. AFAIK the “2nd mix” at the top is the same as the one further down lol. I just updated the OP with the 2nd mix but also put it further down so that it was chronologically in line

Wow, really? They definitely sounded different to me! Interesting…

It sounds like you got the snare a bit more forward, but it may have had a bit of an unexpected effect on the rest of the stuff. If you have the snare isolated, you could double it with a software snare, depending on the DAW you’re using. I use logic, and it’s pretty easy to do there, that way, you’d just be adding snare without any bleed from other things.

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im sure I could do that with Reaper as well but I havent learned how to trigger any samples yet

if it was on the grid I could add a snare only, using ez drummer

Love the Kashmir vibe of the verses! You’re definitely up to something cool for sure. :beerbang:

full mix is up. I just started another thread to keep it neater.

Kashmir?? hehe, I had to change the original version because it was almost a straight ripoff even though it was technically different

hehe, check the chorus. whole song sounds like Bad Co and Zep jamming tgether