More Waves Specials ($29 Killer Compressors)

The latest email I got from Waves was titled: $29 Killer Compressors

Maybe these are good deals for some of you…|views:view=grid-view|paging:currentPage=0|paging:number=20

Hey Al, to get them for even LESS $$, don’t forget about the discounters!

They both allow you to use the Waves coupons, just enter them in your shopping cart. “WEEKEND10” and “YNY23” are both active at the moment. You can even do the Waves WUP thing and bundle upgrades through everyplugin, just email Koby, the man. Never tried with Audio-deluxe though. Happy shopping!

Yeah, my original post is about a week old. I think I probably posted it before you pointed out the two links above. I had good luck with

Right, I didn’t notice your thread was soooo 7 days ago! My bad. :slightly_smiling_face:

Haha. It’s all good. I’m bad about not paying attention to that stuff.