More mellow than the last mix

Oh life . David Tyo

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It’s sounding pretty good. The only thing that jumped out was that during the guitar solo (from about 1:50 to 2:09) I suddenly noticed that it seemed a bit spikey in the top end. Between the guitar and the strings it was sounding a bit shrill. It wasn’t that noticeable when the vocal was present. Could be my cheapo headphones. :slight_smile:

Quite mellow and melodic. I enjoy this arrangement a lot, really expanded between 1:30 and 2:00 with the strings and harmony vocals. The words are poetic, full of faux wisdom.

I didn’t notice that on my medium cheap Sony headphones, but it was the peak of the emotional roller coaster, and I appreciated how it went up and down so smoothly.

Not much to say, other than this a great, dynamic performance and mix. Loved the guitar solo, reminded me of Brian May. Well done and thank you for sharing!

Thank you skua.

What great feedback Steban,so glad you enjoyed it thank you.

Great,cheers blairhall.

Just wanted to add… listening on my JBL LSR305’s at home… sounds great. Not at all ‘shrill’ … in fact it rather gave me chills. So my first listens were tainted by my crap headphones :slight_smile: There’s a grittiness to the guitars coming at 1:24 that just sounds really good. Tasty solo and beautiful mix.

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Just been doing some touch up mastering.Glad you like it.