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Hrere are 8 tracks of Drums I recorded, if anyone wants a go at mixing these.

The files are labelled (left to right) from the ‘drummers perspective’ and I think the phase alignment is ok.

Room was about 25’ (W) by 11’ (H) x 60’ (L).

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This is my mix with different pairs highlighted every few bars.

The order is:

  1. Overhead pair
  2. Room pair
  3. Overhead pair (again)
  4. Overheads, Rooms & Toms together.
  5. Everything.

and with bass for context:

Thanks! Will take a crack at these as soon as I am able. :+1:

Thanks for posting these @vtr! Always great to have more practice resources on here!

I finally got around to this. Thanks for putting them up @vtr

A lot of playing around with my new plugins from the T-Racks Group Buy. :+1: (10 plugins for 1! ) Only 3 more days left…

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