Monitors Question?

Thinking of changing my monitors.Using 5s at mo in a smallish treated room but feel i would like to go to possibly 7s. Thinking Adams at moment .What do you think ?

Yes, I like them (the old 7’s) - it might take a while to adjust the balances (on the knobs at the back) to your mixes… but maybe the A7x’s are the way to go, as they are newer with better warranty (I had one of my old A7’s amps repaired). You want bright and forward but I find the ribbons just a little nicer (less brittle) than the old NS10s dome tweeters…

The original guy who developed Adams also designed ‘Eves’ - I believe.

Also thought about Genelec ,but also dont want to go down the road of learning new speakers right now lol

These are very rated for the money.People say they are better than some monitors 3 times the price

My money would be on 7" or even 8" drivers… you can always back them off. But not subs in a small room. That could be really tricky. My head is literally max 3 feet from both of my speakers, that are jammed up either side of my imac… most of the time in a 30ft plus wide room. My triangle is very small. and I like it like that. I also like my headphones to sound the same as my monitors, if possible. Stupidly simple, yet also quite obvious.

I just changed the settings on mine.I had them on the setting for close to a wall but my room is really well treated so i just put the switch for further from the wall and they are giving me the bottom end i needed

Sounds great in this room all treated with bass traps and panels etc.Real good for mixing

did you save money? thats cool… but my modus operandi is to only spend money, until my shit doesn’t stink :slight_smile:

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If its not broken dont try to fix it as they say

And thats where we differ… I bought something brand new, a digi piano that retails at $1k, I didn’t really like a small part of it… the damper pedal arrangement. So decided to build/hack much better pedals for it, ‘redesigned/ rewired’ ones really, from other companies… with all the proper connectors etc.

It wasn’t really broken, as such, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to fix it… :slight_smile:

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What are you using now?

I think you’re good enough, and given how often you mix, that you’d benefit from a nice pair. The big university in town here has A7’s in their control room. I use them on occasion when I mix in that room, and I’m happy to mix on them. I’m glad they’re available in that facility.

What do you have now and how much can you spend? Were you planning on buying that A7’s new or used?

Now i have switched the monitors to have more bottom i think i might be fine now to stay with these for bit longer and she how it goes. Im pretty used to these speakers now and they translate pretty well

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I’ve read and heard a lot of rave reviews of the Kali LP 6.5 and 8 monitors. But there’s something even more interesting that came on the market recently: the Kali In 8 monitors. A three way speaker with the coaxial tweeter/ midrange speaker. Of course they’re more expensive, but not all that much. You can get a pair for around 800 dollars I believe. There’s nothing similar anywhere near the price range. Check it out this sound on sound review for instance
I haven’t actually heard them yet, but I’m quite sure they’re on my wish list fort my next set!