Molot Free VST Compressor

This is one of my favorite compressors of all time. It’s so customized, and yet it’s intuitive. In no way is it basic though, you have to have a really god damn good idea at what you’re doing in order to use this thing properly. I have faith in everyone here though. It emulates a Russian compressors, with options for oversampling, limiting, hard or soft knee, filtering, attack time, release time, threshold, dithering, ratio, dry/wetness, up sampling, and a control over what parts (Mono-L, Side, Mid, etc.) gets compressed. Personally, if you want to get a sound out of a compressor, this is the way to do it. It’s the best multi-purpose compressor in my arsenal, and it in no way sounds cold and digital. There’s saturation that can also be controlled if you read the manual. This thing is not neutral, it will leave its imprint, but that imprint is pretty pleasant. Great for vocals and drums. Also, IT’S FREE!!!

I wish someone would re-write that thing in English.

They have. Mine is English.

Where’d you get it???

Didn’t TDR redo this one? I believe that TDR and Vladg are connected.

I’ll do some research when I get back home. If I can’t I’ll just send it to you.

You see that thing in the bottom right that says “EN”? Click on that to toggle between Russian and English. Forgot it’s not special, it just comes in both.