MODO Drum huge resource hog

Anyone on here using MODO? I am getting really bad results with it, basically brings my system to its knees. 57% resource use. Any suggestions?

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Sorry, I don’t have any experience with it, or suggestions, but I must say, I’ve been curious about this since it came out. It was my understanding that it uses physical modelling, not sampling (or possibly a combination of both?)…

In any case, the physical modelling vsti plugins I’ve used have been super-cpu efficient (eg Pianoteq) compared to sample-based ones, so it sounds strange to me that this should be the case. I’m interested if anyone else knows more…

It sounds absolutely fantastic:

I am running an i7 2000mhz processor, little low on RAM now maxxed at 8gig RAM.

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That does sound excellent. Are you triggering it from an E-kit?

I looked up a review of it online, and I noticed this in the minimum requirements:

Windows® (64-bits)
Minimal: Intel® Core™ i5 or equivalent with support for AVX instructions, 8GB of RAM (16 GB suggested), 20GB of available hard-disk space, Windows® 7, Windows® 8 or Windows® 10. ASIO compatible sound card. USB port (3.0 suggested).
Supported Plug-in formats (64-bit): VST 2, VST 3, AAX.

Requires an OpenGL 2 compatible graphics adapter.

@ColdRoomStudio actually just dropped a midi sample that I had in my library, some pro drummer midi pack a friend gave me.

All the specs are there. i7 which shows with AVX. 8GB RAM which can do nothing about.
Open GL 2 - I am not 100% sure as it’s a built-in Intel interface, don’t even know how to find that out.

I haven’t had any problems with it, but I haven’t used it extensively either, and not in a mix with a large number of tracks. If I pull it up in Reaper with just that VSTi and play a MIDI beat, it says 3% CPU and zero PDC (plugin delay compensation). My system was using 6GB RAM at that time, though there were some other programs open. I have 16GB RAM on the system but it didn’t seem to need it for this. Similar system specs to yours perhaps, though more RAM.

Maybe check where you have the MODO Drum library installed? I put mine on a secondary (data) drive so the system might not have to work so hard. Even though this doesn’t seem to be sample based, the library is still 11GB!

Good reminder to play with this some more. It wasn’t cheap. :money_mouth_face: Its capabilities are almost unlimited and quite awesome from what I can tell so far, though as the old saying goes, “too many options …”

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Too many options? Not really but very solid drum samples, definitely sounds killer on track above IMO.

I am using a SSD that has plenty of room, so I am absolutely baffled. Updated the drivers and firmware on my audio interface, so I’ll test again.

I am using Studio One v.4 btw.

Well, as EVH used say … “more is more” (as opposed to the cliché “less is more”). So yeah, it’s fine if you only use what you need. I was just amazed at the number of things that MODO Drum lets you tweak. Extremely cool, but also an extensive learning curve IMO and lots more time spent on a drum track if you take it to that level.

So how much time did you spend tweaking the plugin parameters, if you don’t mind sharing that? I’m just looking for a reference, as my interest is now rekindled for looking more into it.

You could contact IK Support. I have asked them questions in the past (via email) and they usually get back in a day or so. Be sure to give them detailed computer and DAW specs to save the back-and-forth. Their answers can be pretty brief, but it seems to help if you give them plenty of details on your problem to work with.

The drums - I just used the “Djentleman” factory preset after failing badly at tweaking a custom kit for 2 hours :slight_smile:
That one I just fed a limiter at the end of the chain and I think I lowered some of the room ambience in the MODO preset. Just straight up Djentleman from the preset, then dropped in a midi drum file I have.

Thanks, that’s very insightful, as I mentioned about the learning curve and level of detail and options available. Fortune Favors The Bold, at least sometimes, with a little luck. :slightly_smiling_face: I guess fortune also favors those who RTFM at times also. :face_with_monocle:

After re-reading the manual, I think that would just be a tweak on the preset’s Reverb FX setting. Though it could have been more involved in terms of OH and Room mic channels. Nice call on finding a quick fix though.

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The faders, there is one general for Room mic or similar, you just bring that down a touch.

OK, cool. That does give some nice control over it.