Mixing oddities

I was casually listening to this 70s tune: Felicia by Gino Vannelli, on Spotify. Actually I wasn’t really listening, it was more background music while I was working. But at one point my attention got drawn by the drums vanishing from my right speaker, then reappearing again. So I listened to the whole song, thinking it might be some clever attempt at something creative, but it didn’t happen again. I don’t even know if it is intentional, because I can’t say it sounds great. It might just have been a mixing glitch that slipped through.

Anybody has any info or opinion on this? It occurs toward the end of verse 1 at 0:32.

YT link if you’re curious: https://youtu.be/E5p5P79K27A (there is another version as well but you can’t hear it because it is a bad rip-off from a vinyl, heavily distorted and in mono).

Any other mixing oddity you’ve noticed yourself? Maybe there was a dedicated topic on this before, apologies if it is the case, I’d like to get the link.

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Ha. It sounds intentional to me because it comes back in at at the start of the next verse, but it is an odd thing to do intentionally.

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It sure is!

In the meantime I stumbled upon another one (yes Spotify has been flowing non stop today), not really a mixing oddity but more a production one: Testify by Kamasi Washington has 2 drum sets, each panned to one side.

That reminds me of this: The Foo Fighters “My Hero” was done with 2 separately recorded drum kits (not panned L & R though) Details and solo’d drums here from 1:47: