Mixing for vinyl

Does anyone know anything about mixing/mastering for vinyl? I’ve been recording a band and we are about three quarters of the way done with their album and today one of them mentioned that they were thinking of putting it on vinyl when it’s done.
I’m already no expert on normal mixing and mastering, but they have been really happy with my work so far so I must be doing something right. Anyways, from what little I know about it, vinyl is supposed to be trickier to mix for. Has anyone here mixed anything that ended up on vinyl? Or just generally have any advice for me in case they do decide to have some vinyls made?

Generally there is no difference. All of my band’s albums have been released on both CD and vinyl using the same masters.

EDM and a few other genres are bass-heavy, and this can cause the needle to jump, so they might need some attention.

Another aspect which I have never seen discussed is the length of the album. Our last album was 50 minutes long and had to be split into two discs for vinyl. The record company didn’t mind, and we were able to claim that we had a ‘double album’, so it was all good, but it may be an issue if you are self-releasing.

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Does the cutting/pressing house apply RIAA equalization when the master is being cut or is it something that the mastering engineer is required to do ?


As far as I know it’s never part of the mastering process. Put it this way, I’ve never been asked to do it.