Mixing and processing real strings

Hey guys. I’m going to dump a few youtube videos here, along with notes (to self) so i can find them really easy. Feel free to add or comment!

Notes: 1176 Blackface? Disadvantage vs Api or Fairchild?

Notes: 36:20 - 100% dry center on 6 bus. Mute continuous program for LFE channel on the 6 bus. Same for 8 bus. HP+ Waves low air on LFE?

105:5 Harp his mixed brighter than piano at with emphasis on C4-G5 register. The attack transients of harp supersede tenor resister of piano in order of importance.

Jake Jackson: Plugin list…

Notes: 6:17 Neve reverb and Pro C used on solo instrument only for depth perception. Not for color or enhancement. Eventide room sim with no pre-delay inserted infront of global verb bus, wet/dry < 20%.

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Good resources! We really need to set up a page that has some of this broken down instead of individual threads.