Mixed by Deviant - Personality by Why Wait


This is my first submission to a mix contest, and I’m quite excited to put forth my best effort on this mix! I always struggle with leaving the low end full enough in my mixes, so I tried to keep that in mind and keep double checking myself on this one. I tried a lot of new things in here, primarily replacing compressors that I would have used with distortion plugs and/or
exciters. Anyways, I’ll leave the rest to your ears. Any and all feedback welcome, I’d love to hear your opinions!


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Nice even mix!

I recomend cleaning up the breaths on the vocals or lowering them a little if they are your intention. I do feel the overall mix a little sparkly in my monitors. Master buss deesser helps a lot if that’s the case but truth be told, I’m listening on separate small speakers so just tossing it out there.

Good stuff mate, good luck!

Hi Sam,

NIce work! I think you’ve got a nice balanced low end here. It’s a bright and punchy mix, but it sits pretty well with professional reference material, so it’s not too bright or harsh IMO, but it’s right at the point where it could be on some systems. Sometimes, if I get the feeling the top end is a little brittle, I’ll just use the UAD Pultec and pull attenuate 20k just a tad - that smoothes it off nicely.

Guitars are big and bold, and the drums are punchy, bass is even and well controlled, yet very audible in the mix - what more could you ask for, really?

The only negative thing I can hear is the “gasping” breaths as mentioned by @BunkerAudioPanama . I’d suggest replacing the gasping sounding breaths with more natural sounding ones, and automating them down in volume somewhat.

Nice job!

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Very nice and even mix!

I particularly like the punchy drums and the sound of the guitars.

Perhaps the vocal is slightly difficult to hear, at times. But the sound of the vocal is great.

Nice job!

After listening back to it a few times, I definitely agree with you. The breaths didn’t annoy me until you said something :anguished: I feel like I over did the top and bottom ends in my mastering process, and there’s where I lost the control of that. Thank you for your feedback!

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Thanks, BengtS! I am a guitar player myself, so I feel pretty comfortable toying with them in a mix. If I’m being honest, though, the drums are my favorite part to tackle…so that’s a great thing to hear. I see what you’re saying about the vocal - it isn’t quite as on top of the mix as I’d like it to be for the duration. Thanks for listening!

Great suggestion with the Pultec - that plug made an appearance many times in this mix. I feel that my response to @BunkerAudioPanama could have just as well gone to you. Thanks for your thoughts!!

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Good levels and balance. The dynamics are good. My one nitpick would be that the drums are too pointy (all transient) for my taste. If you could fit in a little more of the sustain I think it would round off the mix nicely. That is taste thing so take it with a grain of whiskey. Thanks for sharing.

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great balance and level. dynamic are good… good job mate… well done

Hmm, I can hear what you’re saying. I’ll absolutely pay more attention to that with my next drum mix…thanks for your thoughts! :beers:

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