Mix with Brainworx SSL 4000 e on every channel lol

Mix with Brainworx SSL 4000 e on every channel lol


Here’s a live recording of a ‘just for fun’ project my band Felonious Funk captured on our very first gig a few weeks ago. Its a local hobbyist project, nothing overly serious. This was at a local high school auditorium that the school district had us put on for fine arts special program students in the district. The sound guy showed up with a Presonus Studiolive and offered to record the band, but forgot to bring overheads for the drummer.

I know the vocals too hot and I’ll need to roll some highs off the verb. It was a quick mix just to get acquainted with the plugin… lot of intonation problems… we I won’t be able to do anything with the recording, but I thought you guys might get a kick out of hear it :slight_smile:

I just used 2 global verb busses - Exponential Audio room and the Bricasti sunset chamber


That’s pretty cool! Got a Steely Dan vibe for sure. Nice guitar licks. Are those real horns, or are you doing that with keyboards? Lead vocals are pretty good, sounds like the lead singer is more used to screaming rock or Rod Stewart type stuff though. Backing vocals did have some intonation issues. How many keyboards or separate parts did you do on this live?


Yup. 3 horns. Trumpet, Trombone and Sax. Haha… and he’s definitely used to singing more rock stuff lol.

That’s the drummer from the Atlanta Rhythm Section. I still consider him a pro player but he sells computer software for a living these days.


From what I listen to, it sounds pretty good to me.
If the test was about the Brainworx SLL 4k potential, I think it really works.

Nice job by the way, even as a hobby, it sounds really strong!


Thanks man.

I hated the Bx SSL E at first, but I’m starting to get used to it, and I’m grateful that someone is making one of these. I badly BADLY needed it because of the Eucon implementation and the AAX DSP format. I was renting them from Plugin Alliance when I threw that clip together, but I ended up buying perpetual licenses when they went -$250 off their retail price for the Black Friday.

The Waves one is great if you need the distinct characteristics of the dynamics module. The EQ is accurate, and it does have console drive emulation modeling. But the non-linearities and impedance modeling on the BX really make this outstanding. I wish there were some things that were different that I feel UAD did much better, but I’ll settle for it, because its all I got right now. The UAD version chews through the processor their pitiful little cars so fast that I have to be really skimpy on how many instances I use in a mix. Its a real pain the ass, considering what UAD charges for a copy of their SSL E.


Thanks for your extensive comment about your experience on both of this plugins :slight_smile:
I’m not that fortunated so I don’t have a clue about what you’re talking about, I only use stock plugins :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, it makes me laugh, Black Friday has such power :smiley:


Ah. In the interest of trying to provide useful information which people can understand I’ll explain.

So everyone knows what a channel strip plugin is. Its a plugin that emulates the behavior of a channel strip on a mixer. In this case an SSL mixer.

Some plugins run on a card that lives in side your computer. Universal Audio makes such plugins. Here’s a picture of their card. Without the card installed in your computer, you can not use the plugins in your DAW. One of the plugins I like to use is the SSL plugin on this card.

The problem is that the card can only run a limited number of plugin instances of the SSL before it maxes out. So I need a plugin that can be run on another card. They make a plugin that has the SSL sound that I like to use on drums and vocals.

Avid also makes cards that run plugins, but the UAD plugin doesn’t work with the Avid card.

So I found an SSL plugin that DOES work with the Avid card by a company called Brainworx.

…The Brainworx SSL plugin also works with my mixer. Because the guy who made the plugin decided to match the controls on the plugin specifically to the controls on my mixer. Thats what it means when I say the plugin is ‘Euconized’.


Ok then, this is what I thought: everything that I don’t really need unless there is GAS emergency :slight_smile:
I try to avoid Waves/UAD tools (toys? :smiley: ) so I could spend more time using what I already have…

By the way, it’s still interesting to see what big boys use at work :wink: