Mix of this evening .Bull dozer

Mixed this a while ago but had another crack

Just say no! That being said, I’d push the bass at 90Hz to accentuate the ass man. It’s sounding a little lacking in the butt. I want to visualize the track’s ass swinging back and forth in front of my face with dollar bills sticking out of its underpants!

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Ha ha .Great feedback

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Use a Purple Rain chorus effect on the guitar and replace all the drums with samples from the LinnDrum machine.

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There ya go you got a little bit of everything you ask for ,some linn drums snuck in too


I am wondering if there is still a lack of low end but then again that maybe the sound you were going for.

Dont know it sounds ok to me on phones and speakers so have to see if anyone says the same thing

Was just listening to who are you the who on you tube and that has no more low end than this so dont know