Mix of the day,you me and the radio

Mix of the day,you me and the radio
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Thoughts welcome .


Nice wet kick, like a soggy blanket. Like them snappy drums. The vocals are kind of buried at the beginning of the song, I’d work on some automation for those puppies to help them stand out. Interesting song, instrumentation recalls the '90s, the shameless pop hooks recall the '80s. Nice juxtaposition. TakkaBox360.




I am listening to the second mix. I find that the first vocal is way to boxy. I understand you where going for an effect but i think it just sounds bad. After that things feel really good until you get a similar sounding vocal starting at around 1:15.


You got boxy on the brain lol .I hear what your saying
Would any normal person that is not an audio engineer listening to this and think the vox are boxy?


That is question i just can’t answer. I don’t talk to normal people about music.


I had another look and re uploaded .Cheers for the feedback