Mix of the day ,well mixed again .Storm Of Particles: 'Of Ice And Hopeless Fate'

Mix of the day ,well mixed again .Storm Of Particles: 'Of Ice And Hopeless Fate'
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Is my metal mixing coming on?


What’s that at 1:49? Did someone pass gas into the microphone? I’d try to create a wall of sound with those guitars, it would have been better if they’d recorded them that way. I think a fundamental problem with the new “heavier” bands is that they try to take the midrange out of their tone, encouraged by the thrash bands of the late '80s early '90s. There were only a few albums that worked on, we need to bring back the overdriven Marshall tone.


as a girl who likes Till Lindemann … I can truly appreciate this track :sunny:
I was once part of a thrash band … but anyway lets not go there
was this a live performance?

GREAT OPENING 0-16s ! (could be louder)
0:17 guitar is thinned out
wondering about 1:49 as well…

take a look at
Charlie Parra del Riego , he is the king of modern day guitar, could give some sonic cues, he mixes a thinned out guitar sound and makes it work.


Mix 2


Sounds good. I like the atmosphere that is created at the beginning of the song. That bass seems to have a lot of meat on it. I’m listening on a laptop and it cuts through really well. Nice guitar solo. I like the clarity of the lead. The vocalist sounds like he wants to steal my cookies.


Not sure where the bottom end went on the last mix


sounds good overall, vocals could use a bit cutting through, maybe a slightly longer attack and a little shorter release. Consonants are getting muffled.

1:16 - 1:30ish cymbals are getting a bit distracting, though their not as harsh, maybe need to be pitched differently

guitar solo at 1:52 - 2:00 could use a bit of delay with a slightly longer mix time - maybe a bit more stereo spread. Solo could be 2db louder.

sweet mix though!