Mix of the day .Tiny moments

Mix of the day .Tiny moments
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Mixed on headphones for a change


Hello Takka,
I haven’t been around the site for a while, but I enjoyed your song!
So about time for a few comments I guess.

For a start: I love the voice! Is it yours, or somebody else you’re recording? Very soulfull. Which also applies for the song itself. The hook (“Tiny moments”) sticks. I also love the friendly country feel of the sparse instrumentation (something I’m not getting right in my mixes). And the male choir voices: wow! Amazing you have a choir in the background and it still sounds as if it’s just a small space.

Nothing to haggle about? Well the only thing I noticed which stands out a bit too much to my ears is the Dobro on the left. I love it’s sound, but maybe a bit too close up compared to the electric guitar on the right. I would try a bit of reverb on the Dobro to let it sit just a bit further back in the mix.

Great song, great mix! I love it. This is the sort of music i’d have on my playlist if I came across it.


Hi mate thanks for having a listen and glad you like it.
I only mixed the track I don’t really play and record anymore .