Mix of the day ,Szymon Skiba: 'Let's Dance'

Mix of the day ,Szymon Skiba: 'Let's Dance'
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Little instrumental tune .


I’m liking what you have going on here! Great sounding snare for this style. Was this all you playing the tracks? Good work!! :beerbanger:


Just the mix, Cheers for the feedback


Testing a rating system that I enabled. Might use it for future contests.
Also, good job on the mix! I’ve only heard it on a laptop so far, so it’s not fair for me to give it a full bashing yet, but it does sound good on my laptop :slight_smile:


I like the snare a lot too, maybe ease of the compression just a little bit in order to get the ring out. I thought this was going to be a David Bowie cover.


I’m really liking the drums and how they are driving this piece. The kick and snare have a satisfying whack to them and I’m a sucker for the dancing on the cymbals. Also really like the unexpected slide down the neck that happens at 0:31. This kicks butt. \m/,


Yep, strong song. As previous mixes, it sounds a bit the same to me (same culprits).

For the purpose of testing, I download the edited song (only one section) to see if I could get something different from the same tracks…

What do you think?

Thanks for sharing all those songs and mixes!