Mix of the day,Kings and queens

Mix of the day,Kings and queens


I have mixed this before but give it another shot .


Sounds good on my iPad speaker.


This is real nice! I’m surprised that it didn’t get more comments.

I like the vocals and harmonies. Very easy going, relaxing and kind of makes me feel “good”.

In the intro I kept thinking some of the guitar licks were out of time, but that could just be my lack of familiarity with this song and the jazzy time signature/ groove.

Really good job on this!


Cheers,glad you enjoyed it


I am listening on laptop speakers. This is a well-played song and a cool one at that.

A couple things feel odd to me. The guitar generally feels a bit too loud in the first half of the song. I am guessing that there is a fair bit of buss compression. When the guitars are quieter in the middle section the drums get extremely loud and then fade back in the distance.

The next thing strikes me a not quite right is the ambiance. This feels like how I would want to hear a rock song as far as ambiance. I’d like to hear things a little more lush. Room mics for the drums a little delay for the vocalist to make the auto-tune sit a little better.

The last thing is it feels like the timing on the guitar playing is a little helter-skelter. It’s not terrible but it lags behind the beat a bit like what I hear happen when people have too much latency in their monitoring. A little editing to tighten that up would do wonders.


I am not sure I have anything to offer. It would be very subjective. Song sounds amazing!