Mix of the day . Jamie Kent: 'All-American Mutt'

A little bit of country rock

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Hey, nice song I found!

I would not copy some comments I previously wrote about overall culprit.
The main idea I had, specially with that track is you use too much HPF on your tracks or you have some low end issues with your monitoring system (that gives you too much low end, so that you have to compensate).

I also use a bit more of room sound/mic/reverb on the drums to enhance the playing.

Nice job, as well!

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Really nice song, well mixed.

Agree with ncls about the lack of low, apart from that, really nice work.

The track is really nicely produced. The low problem is more for the bass gtr than the kick that
is quite good for me.

Cool,cheers both for the feedback .Yeah maybe a tad but dont bother me really too much

I this all you? Kind of a quirky unusual song. Nifty and dexterous bass line! I think the break at 2:00 would be better with a little guitar solo rather than the vocal. It could use an equally dexterous guitar part to play off the bass line. That’d be cool. Really nice!

No i only mixed the track

Hey takka, well done. A very good mix. You got the singer way out in front, love that. Drums are tighter than a gnats a$$ stretched over a rain barrel.
Well done good work.

Thank you kindly,

Cheers man