Mix of the day, 4 on the 10

Mix of the day, 4 on the 10


Done this before but thought I would have another mix
Please forgive the bad tuning I will sort that out lol.

My take at mixing Ripe (Telefunken's "Live from the lab")

Thank you for the review! Now your tune: I hear a few seconds of hiss on the intro, perhaps you could fix that. Hearing some possible occasional pitch-correction on the otherwise very nice vocals. Instrumentally, everything sounds real nice, reminds me of Steely Dan. Good job! Are you from a particular state or country? I’m guessing you’re American.


Thank you I have fixed them problems and re uploaded .Glad you liked it.
I am in the south of England.


I see your titles “mix of the day” etc…are these part of a daily exercise from a site or are these originals or what? just wondering


Yes there not my own. I usually mix a song a day so just started putting them up .


where u getting them from?

I did just join “nail the mix”

this was the song they just finished from last month, holy cow:

very challenging but also depressing when I compare my meager originals

here is the one just uploaded for this month:

nothing like a nice tight 12 minute song lol


Just keep at it .Do you still have the multitracks?


well right now I have 2 sets of the multitracks but I havent used any of them yet. I joined a few days ago and the mix contest was closed and they were getting ready to do the live mix so I didnt mess with that set.

The new multitracks I just dled today but I havent messed with them yet


IS There any chance you could send the mix contest files to me?