Mix Magazine (digital subscription) invite

Hey gang! I have this link that was sent to me from Mix Magazine. If any of you don’t already get it, go ahead and sign up from this link. Let me know if it doesn’t work!


Nice thought ta but the form says it’s for qualified US residents only :worried:

Seriously? That’s lame. It’s a digital subscription. lol
Sorry about that!

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A demonstration of the insularity of the USA.

This insular American just subscribed.

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You know… I don’t know why I didn’t think about before, but it’s a digital subscription. Just put any ol’ US address in there lol. Heck! Put Brandon’s address in there! That’s what he gets for changing interests. Lol

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Ahhh genius… I was too ‘straight’ to think of that haha…
Made myself up a great address… all to do with sheep… hehe…

I’ve signed up using Broadway as my address. Get zip code here.

I chose some random numbers [sheepish grin]

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I never got a confirmation email so I guess I’m not subscribed?

I don’t recall if I received a confirmation either. I think the emails just started showing up after a while. I’ll be curious to see what happens for you!

This is what happened for me. lol

Congratulations! You’ve won spam!

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Surprisingly, they actually honored my subscription request. It took until the December issue though. I like that you can download it as a PDF. I’ll be putting it on the old iPad. lol

That’s awesome @BigAlRocks!

I actually just received an email with another link invite, but I didn’t bother posting it since I thought it didn’t work. Good to know it did after all :slight_smile:

I’ll try to remember to post the link to the new issue each month. That way everyone else can avoid the spam email. lol

Here’s the January 2018 issue:

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Ooh, Andy. I love his playing. Especially on Regatta De Blanc.

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