Mix in progress

Mix in progress
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What do you think ? guitar tones ,kick snare etc .Cheers I


Someone’s playing guitar loudly in the other room, or I’d give you feedback now. From what I can hear over that, sounds pretty damn good. More compression and reverb snare for an huge '80s sound, but for what it is, I fucking love it. You’re the man.


No bus comp or anything on that as yet


I love the way you talk gear. You’re irresistable.


So are you you mate lol, happy new year


Nice bite to the guitars, which work well with the sizzly (is that a word?) bass. The full-bodied snare sounds great, although a bit more top-end wire would have been nice to offset all the low mids. The kick cuts really well, tons of slap.
Seems to be a bit of resonance built up right around 100Hz (the bass?). Toms are the most distracting for me, they’re quite tubby (270hz?), and overly clicky (10k?) which makes them stand out in the mix in a negative way. A bit more attention to the dynamics/velocity of the toms would have possibly helped add to the realism and feel also, they sound a little robotic.
Overall a bangin’ number.


Terry has already given some great comments, so I won’t re-iterate…

The main thing for me here is matching the tone of the kick to the snare & toms. The snare and toms sound quite “organic/woody”, whereas the kick sounds pretty machine-like and very clicky. I think you need to find a place where both sounds meet to make the kit sound cohesive. As terry said, more snap and wire on the snare, less woofiness and boxiness 200-500hz in the toms.

The low end of the bass also has a droning kind of effect that doesn’t really add much to the production. I’ve heard some of these metal dudes actually use a synth bass sine wave type thing to control the low end, and then just get the character and bite from the clatter and clang up the top end of the frequency spectrum.

This is tricky stuff to get right - there are some massively driven dudes who are leading in this field. For tips on mixing this genre, check out these guys:


Fun song.
I especially like the middle part of the song when the groove picks up and gets all fooked up, and then then the bass gets a short little spot light.

The toms sounds a bit muffled and the snare sounds like someone is trying to bust through a solid wood door. I would prefer a bit more high end on the snare or get rid of some of the woody sound that it has. It has lots of meat to it, which is good, but I think it could use a bit less bottom and stand a bit more top end frequencies.


That’s what I meant when I said he should '80s them up. Creatures of the Night drums.


Finished mix


You use this as a reference track? @holster was a ghost guitar player on this album, at the ripe age of 9 in 1982.


From what I hear from the final mix, I found it weird.
It sounds mid-heavy with very little low end, vocal is way to disconnected, no sense of space or depth.

The given reference from CPF would be a good starting point, maybe :confused:


Yes it does mate .cheers for feedback