Mix help please for this collaboration - Reaching out for things that shine

ahh… twas not easy for sure… I spent a LOT of time on this… listening and sort of dreaming? to see if I could find a place to ‘be’. I have been asked for a heap of collabs and they seldom work for me… this track had a vibe that I connected with… hmm and yet even so it was hard to find a pathway in… strange journeying this… and then, once you have done it there is the poignant self-doubt… sigh…

great work. I really like the edge to this one.

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Hi there red - great to see you here!!
Thanks for checking this out and commenting!!


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What became of this? Is it done? did he accept it? Do not make me pull every detail outta you. Ha!

Can we hang this in the “indie spotlight” as a completed song? I believe a good ol’ spilling of the beans is in order!

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It’s gone to my mixed-up-stuff parking-zone


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Well… I love it. The vocals could blend in a bit better, but still loving it.

Something I would have done is work the volume balance a bit more. There are parts where I would have liked to have the vocals a bit louder and some when I would like to have them a bit quieter.

Awesome work!


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Thanks heaps for checking this out… it was a mixing challenge for me working with someone else’s instrumental tracks and yeah, I’m sure that the vocals could blend in a lot better but it was a matter of how far do I go with this… Some more learning for me and it was a great thing to have that sense of actively working with another musician. Hooray for the internet!
Thanks again :slight_smile:

I really liked this song and mix - it’s certainly not the stuff I would actively switch on at home myself. I’ll agree with @ProudMusicStudios, there are moments where everything is fighting for the same space. Sonically, it reminds me a little of the Bjork stuff, especially some of the songs from Debut. But there is something I really like about this mix - I just wish I was in front of my monitors listening to this…

I would! :wink:

I said it many times before (at RR) and I will say it again, everything Emma does is magic. I love it. The mix is little too bright but it might be the way soundcloud finilizes/compreses audio. I imagine you had to try several reverbs to find the way to blend in and it ended up brilliantly. The great piece of music and GREAT collaboration.


Hi there Afrodrum - welcome to the new place, great to see you here!!!
And thanks so much for your extremely kind words… I’m all too aware of the troubles in the mix, bits that could blend much more but it was a cool project and challenge to work with someone else’s pre-recorded tracks and try to fit a song in. I don’t collaborate easily as I tend to be in my own odd zone :slight_smile:

Thanks again!! :beerbang:

I wish I was worthy one day :slight_smile:

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This is one wild song. Sounds good on laptop and headphones.

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Reminds me a bit of Robert Plant off a solo album,
I think the song was Morning Dew,
Not that it sounds the same, but I get the same feeling when I listen to this…
What inspires us, we simply have to submit :smiley: , lol,

Great job,

Hi Arber,
thanks for checking this out and your nice comments…

  • cool to meet you… :sunglasses:
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Hi there Rocker - nice to meet you! :slight_smile:
And thanks for taking the time to check this out… Cool comments thanks a lot!! And now I’m going to have to check out that Robert Plant song…

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