Mix.Easy to love you, David Tyo

Have a listen if you will. Appreciate the helpful feedback that I find with the site and members .Cheers.

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Nice on all counts. Not sure about the double main vocals Do you have the vocal down the middle? sounded on one side more at the start? Might be me. Great harmonies. Not sure about the click percussion? A little simon and garfunkle maybe. Delightful song bud



Really nice mix, Alan! Lovely vocal tone, nice balances, and tight low end. Pretty close to spot-on for me…

About the only thing I might suggest (and it’s more subjective than anything) is to maybe just set the percussion elements a little further back in the soundstage, using some ambience.

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Nice one cheers mate

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Sounds great to me, well written, good vocals and great backing vocal and instrumental accompaniment. The hand clap sound doesn’t work for me though.

Did you multi track this or is it a group recording? Can you share your signal chain and system?

I only mixed the track so have no idea on the recording side. Thanks for the feedback

Hey, cool song you found (I think it comes from the well-known library) :blush:

I found the song very nice and the mix is right for that genre I think.
Nice stereo image, great vocal balance, drums are not covering the song, just enhance it… well done!!
I also agree with ColdRoomStudio improvements he suggested!

Thank you for sharing this song!!

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Warmed the mix up I think it was maybe too bright

Hey, nice improvement. It sounds really spot on.
The really tiny thing that sounds odd to me was that snap finger sound that is really bright and dry and sounds really on top of the mix.

Nice job!

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