Mix contest

David Tyo has a mix contest going on http://davidtyo.com/mixcontest.htm?fbclid=IwAR1Y-Bu1AgGfYeYa2Jzn_jxnfOd-M-ye3loaDQrpBJo6zDRKJS5pDsnTqWU

Put my entry in .Have a go at it . Here is mine https://soundcloud.com/alan-mansfield-1/long-way-home-mixed-by-alan

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Not bad. Nice work :slight_smile:

Hey…what’s your day job again? I think I asked you once but forgot. A lot of people on that Six Figure Home Studio forum who aren’t doing this professionally yet are having a hard time finding time to learn to mix better. You’ve significantly improved over the last few years.

I just do bits and pieces with a friends building company part time. Machine driving mostly .I have lot of time on my hands being single so i am mixing and experimenting etc a lot of the day.Its just practice

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