MIX CONTEST SUBMISSIONS: Enter The Haggis - ‘Two Bare Hands’

MIX CONTEST SUBMISSIONS: Enter The Haggis - ‘Two Bare Hands’

ATTENTION! Contest Entrants: Please read before posting your entry.

Please post your mp3 by uploading it to the site player. It is as simple as dragging and dropping the file into the text area where you enter.

Please do not post your entry as a link to a 3rd party site (like Dropbox or Google Drive etc.). This is a condition of the contest, so if you have already done this, you will need to correct it to be eligible. When you edit your post to upload your mp3 in place of a link, state your reason for editing and the date of your upload. (There is provision for this in the site software). If you have any issues, contact the Mods for help.

If you cannot upload your mp3 to the site player, it is most likely because you are not yet a Trust Level 1 member. The contest rules state the following:
“You must be an Indie Recording Depot member of Trust Level 1 in order to rate mixes and enter. To become a Trust Level 1 member you must have 10 posts”

This is not a hardship - it is only 10 posts. Remember, as the rules state:
The secret to winning this contest is to score as high as you can in the mixing contest AND give as much good, friendly, and CONSTRUCTIVE help to others on as you can.

This contest is as much about participating in a community and helping others as it is about turning out a killer mix. All the best!

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I created this thread when it wasn’t needed. Sorry.