Mix checker plugin

Does anyone know if there is any alternatives to mix checker ?

Interesting plugin. First time I’ve heard about it.

Curious to see if there’s any other responses.

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Just found one Home - Oscillot Audio
I have mix checker .Its ok when you get used to it ,its a help in mastering i find more than anything

IK Multimedia ARC system 3 does that, although it’s not its primary purpose. I don’t use it though, I find that my Mixcubes are trustworthy enough, and sometimes I check on my phone and bluetooth speaker.

I am very tempted to buy some mix cubes but there not cheap and also need an amp to run them

I remember this a while back:

This issue had a plugin called Dee Monitor, which is similar (but not the same) as Mix checker. You can buy a back copy of this issue of Computer Music and then you have access to the downloads.

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The modern Avantone Mixcube is active and works great.

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Oh right i didn’t know that

Slate VSX modeling system has it, but not sure if its available without the headphones or not. I would assume it should be, it is decent even without using the slate headphones.

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The low-tech low-cost (free) answer:

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I do have mix checker ,i was just wondering what else was out there .I mainly use the car for checking bass level and phone for high end sweeping

Nothing like the car to tell you how off your bass mixing is!

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