Mike Senior Patreon Campaign

I did mention this in the dying days of Recording Review, but I thought I’d link it again here, since we have quite a few new members…

Mike Senior, of Sound On Sound “Mix Rescue”, “Mixing Secrets For the Small Studio” and The Cambridge Music Technology Multi-track Download Library, has a Patreon campaign going that enables those who want to support his considerable contributions to audio education to do so.

For as little as $1 a month, you receive various special rewards for being a patron. For example, Mike produces a monthly “Patron’s Podcast” where he does a super-comprehensive mix critique of one of the patron’s mixes. (for January, he critiqued one of my mixes!) He also features an “Unvarnished Review” of a piece of audio gear.

Depending on the amount donated per month, he also makes pratron only videos, and will even provide advertising space for a patron’s website on his site.

Along with Recording Review, Mike’s educational materials have been fundamental in my growth as an audio person. If you’re interested, check it out here:

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How did your mix do? Was the bashing similar to what you get here, or more comprehensive?

Yeah c’mon Andrew spill the beans. Did we spot the same things as he did?

Ahha!.. I’m not telling! You guys will just have to join up if you want to find out! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

He got slated lads.

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Well, he’s still posting here, so he wasn’t driven out of the business.

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I think this would be great if IRD makes a donation to him and we could possibly work out a deal to have note-worthy BTR mixes submitted to him for review (if we got choosen).

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I could donate 5$ a month (under IRD) .

I would be nice to work out a deal where bis stuff could be embedded directly here and he could advertise this site . @holster?

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I spoke to Mike about this site, and he has already put us as one of the links in his “Mixing Secrets” “additional resources” page: http://www.cambridge-mt.com/ms-links.htm#forums

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I definitively agree, without any condition: many of us use this library as an unlimited bank of songs :grin:

Hmm, it reminds that IRD don’t really have a business model (as far as I know).
I saw a shop open with IRD tee-shirts but nothing to get some money back. And I think that IRD server, domain name and so should cost some $$$ :confused:

It works better if we just donate as individuals, because the “rewards” are set up to benefit individuals.

Patreon is the same basic principle as Kickstart, but it’s based on an ongoing monthly contribution. For example, he has 97 patrons at the moment, contributing a total of around $375. The vast majority are pledging $5 or less per month, so it’s very affordable for most, especially the $1 per month “tier”.

Of course, you’re not locked in - you can change your contribution or stop at any time.