MIDI records two inputs when only one is selected

I keep getting this issue sometimes when I record MIDI in cubase I can hear that it’s detecting two inputs when I play it back and when I record if I delete a note there is another note right under it.

This is what I have selected in inputs.

I have only one thing plugged into my 18i8 which is the MIDI out of my keyboard.

Please help!

This is a “known” situation in Cubase.
In my case, I have the keyboard connected direct to the computer with USB.
So I have to select Axiom 25 Midi In for it to work - the selector defaults to All MIDI inputs, which gives the double note scenario.
Have you got the keyboard connected to the Scarlett?
(I have a Scarlett as a backup interface also, and have used it with the laptop successfully with the way I hook it up… remembering to select it the keyboard as input)
Perhaps you don’t have a USB connection on your keyboard?
Otherwise, I would go to a Cubase forum for help - this is a known “problem”


I’m connected via Scarlett using MIDI cable. The keyboard isn’t connected to the PC in any other way and neither is anything else of MIDI capability/function.

Here is how I select my MIDI input:

Ahhhh someone on another forum helped me figure it out. It was the “Layer” button on my keyboard. I wouldn’t have guessed that in a million years.